Game Of Thrones Recap: “The Queen’s Justice” Spares No One And Gives Us Two Epic Meetings

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Last week’s episode of Game of Thrones left us gasping as one of Daenerys’ allies in her quest for the throne fell in a battle that won’t be forgotten for a long time. With that shocking turn of events, one truly must wonder if the Mother of Dragons will ever recover from that? She might, given that she has one very special visitor coming her way during this week’s episode.

That’s right; after being heavily teased for some time, Daenerys and Jon Snow have finally met. Did that moment live up to all our dreams?

Gather ’round to find out what went down in Westeros this week in the episode “The Queen’s Justice.”

What You Need To Know

At Dragonstone: They get right down it as they start off the episode with Jon, Davos and his men meeting Tyrion, Missandei and some Dothraki on the shores of Dragonstone. Tyrion greets them warmly as Missandei asks them to hand over their weapons, which they do. Tyrion then inquires about Sansa’s well being and then advises his old acquaintance that the redhead is “much smarter than she lets on.” Jon replies:”She’s starting to let on.” Then a giant dragon swoops down, scaring Jon and Davos. Finally, Jon and Daenerys are in the same room, and she wastes no time in reminding Jon that the last King in the North bent the knee to a Targaryen “in perpetuity,” but Jon says he’s not planning to follow suit given what her father did to his family. She apologizes and asks him “not to judge a daughter by the sins of her father.” She asks him to bend the knee but Jon refuses as he says just as she’s not guilty of Aerys’ crimes, “I am not beholden to my ancestor’s vows.”Jon says she needs his help as much as he needs hers, educating her about “the enemy to the north.” The two then proceed to go back and forth about the Night King and Daenerys’ birthright,  neither of them budging. Davos steps in to sing Jon’s leadership praises, and he mentions that “he took a knife in the heart” for the people he was championing, which causes Jon to silence him with a look. Everyone notices, but no one says anything.  Tyrion tries to persuade Jon to bend the knee but Jon refuses given that he knows nothing about Daenerys so why should he trust her?  Daenerys quickly dismisses the men after Varys enters and whispers something in her ear; we later find out that he’s had news of Euron’s attack on the destroyed Greyjoy fleet.

Later, Tyrion advises Jon to use his time at Dragonstone to learn more about Daenerys and advises Jon to ask for something more reasonable. Next thing we know, Tyrion is talking to Daenerys about dragonglass. She scoffs at the idea but Tyrion reminds her that Jon came despite the fact that it was a bad move for him to do so. Daenerys is actually more intrigued about that bit she heard in reference to Jon taking a knife to the heart. Jon and the queen later have some diplomatic alone time where they each soften their position a bit. She ends up giving him permission and help to mine the dragonglass. Elsewhere at Dragonstone, Varys wonders why Melisandre is “hiding on the cliff” while Jon arrives. She states her part of this is done and she’ll flee to Volantis, but she’ll return. “I have to die in this strange country, just like you.”

In the North: Sansa is going around being a total boss, which pleases Littlefinger naturally as he tries to poison Sansa’s mind and make her overly cautious against everyone. Thankfully, they’re interrupted by arrivals at the gate: It’s Bran and Meera. “Hello, Sansa,” he says calmly before a crying Sansa embraces him (as we all cry with her). Later on, they both lament that Jon isn’t there as she points out that he’s the true lord of Winterfell. Bran disagrees with her and tells her “I’m the three-eyed raven.” Bran then freaks Sansa out by telling her“I’m sorry for all that’s happened to you. I’m sorry it had to happen here, in our home.” He ends it by complimenting her on how she looked at her wedding to Ramsay Bolton, which if you recall, he wasn’t at.

At The Citadel: Ser Jorah is declared completely cured, which puzzles the archmaester at first. Jorah claims it was the rest and climate, which the archmaester doesn’t believe and summons Sam to his chambers later on. As for Jorah, he’s heading back to his khaleesi’s side. “The only place for me is back with her,” he adds, thanking Sam for giving him a second chance. As for Sam, the archmaester scolds him at first but then asks how Sam was able to cure Jorah. “I read the books and followed the instructions,” he says, earning the praise: “That man is alive because of you. You should be proud.” His reward? “Not being immediately expelled from the Citadel,” the archmaester tells him as he gives Sam an insane amount of book-copying to do as punishment.

In Kings Landing: Euron returns victorious with Ellaria, Yara and the last remaining Sand Snake in chains. Cersei is pleased but still doesn’t give Euron what he wants, her hand in marriage. She does give him hope as once the war is over, she will be his. Euron then eggs Jaime on about sleeping with Cersei, which shocks Jaime because he still thinks his shagging of Cersei is a secret. As for Cersei, she takes great pleasure down in the dungeon in taunting Ellaria with how she planned to kill her last remaining daughter. She then proceeds to plant a kiss on the littlest Snake, which leaves Ellaria devastated as she and her daughter both realized that Cersei’s lips are poisoned, and the youngest Snake will suffer the same death as Myrcella. Later on that night Jaime and Cersei have sex, and she ends up outing them as a couple in the morning. Cersei then meets up with a rep from the Iron Bank, who is there to get their money back. She asks for two weeks and promises to have their debts completely paid off.

At Castely Rock and Highgarden:  Daenerys’ Unsullied storm Casterly Rock, and the Lannister army is more than ready for them. Tyrion luckily proves to be their undoing since he built the sewers, and because the Unsullied are fighting out of love for Dany — unlike the Lannister forces, who fight out of fear of Cersei — they triumph. It seems like the dragon queen has won until Greyworm realizes that there should be a LOT more soldiers around, and he discovers that the Iron Fleet has taken out all of their ships. As for the Lannisters’ army, they’re marching on Highgarden, home of Lady Olenna. She sees them coming towards her, and when Jaime finds her in her chambers, they share a drink as he notes he used the exact same military strategy Robb Stark used against him at Whispering Wood. They talk about Joffrey and Cersei. “You love her… you poor fool. She’ll be the end of you,” Lady Olenna says. “She’s a disease. I regret my role in spreading it. You will, too.” Jaime then tells Olenna after she asks how she’s going to die;  he poisons her drink and pushes it close, promising her a pain-free death. Lady Olenna then downs the poisonous drink in one gulp. Before she dies, because Lady Olenna always has the last say and last win in everything, she says she’s glad she won’t exit the world in the “f—king scene” that was Joffrey’s death. “Not at all what I intended… Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me.” 

Quote of the Night

“The bastard of Winterfell.” Tyrion
“The dwarf of Castely Rock.” Jon Snow

Check out the promo for next week’s episode “The Spoils of War” below!

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