Game Of Thrones Recap: An Ally Falls And The Death Toll Rises On “Stormborn”

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The gauntlets were thrown during last week’s episode of Game of Thrones. While it looked like our fave Khaleesi had the upper hand in the battle for the Iron Throne, that apparently is no longer the case.

This week’s episode took a very surprising and tragic turn, as the first strike against Daenerys was thrown, with devastating results. It wasn’t all blood and guts this weeks though; there was very sweet romance in the air along with a reunion that left us weeping like children.

Let’s review the events that transpired during this week’s episode “Stormborn.”

What You Need To Know:

In the North: Jon gets the raven from Daenerys, written by Tyrion Lannister, urging him to meet the Mother of Dragons to form an alliance. Sansa thinks it’s a trap, but Davos thinks they might need her dragons’ fire to melt the White Walkers. Jon also gets that note from Sam telling him about the mountain of dragonglass sitting underneath Dragonstone. Jon tells his troops what he’s learned but he faces backlash when he suggests teaming with a Targaryen to defeat the Night King. Sansa voices her concerns again but Jon says part of being king means protecting his land from enemies, which means they need allies as they cannot face the White Walkers alone. He leaves Sansa in charge before heading off to meet Daenerys, which we hope doesn’t return to bite him in the ass. Naturally, Littlefinger approves of that decision, and he pulls Jon aside later, trying to win over the new king of the North. He makes a very bad move though when he suggests Jon would be dead if it weren’t for him. He further digs himself into a hole when he tells Jon that “I love Sansa, as I loved her mother.” That doesn’t sit well with Jon; the new king strangles Littlefinger, warning him, “Touch my sister, and I’ll kill you myself” (Please do!).

At Dragonstone: Daenerys lays out her gameplan with the help of Tyrion and Varys. Although Varys assures her that Cersei’s pretty well hated throughout Westeros., Daenerys questions his loyalties given his track record; Varys quickly turned on her father to support Robert Baratheon and then turned on the Lannisters to support Daenerys. Varys defends himself, claiming he’s on the side of the people, which Daenerys accepts but not before warning him not to betray her. That same day, Daenerys receives a surprise visitor: Melisandre. She is not there to make any more prophecies, but to tell Daenerys “I believe you have a role to play… as does another.” That other person is Jon Snow, who has united the houses in the North. She urges Daenerys to meet him and Tyrion agrees as he has a history with the young king.  Daenerys agrees to send a raven for Jon to come to Dragonstone, but not without asking him to pledge his loyalty to her.

Elsewhere at Dragonstone: Yara and Ellaria Sand, along with Lady Olenna, try to get Daenerys to attack Kings Landing ASAP but Daenerys has a different strategy. Tyrion shares the plan, with Grey Worm and the Unsullied attacking Casterly Rock, and the ladies agree to continue their alliance, but Olenna later warns Daenerys not to be a “sheep” in trusting Tyrion. Also going on at Dragonstone, Missandei visits Grey Worm before he heads off to war, wishing him “good fortune,” moving the strong and steady warrior to admits his love for her. He calls her his “weakness,” saying he’s never feared anything before but now he fears losing her and runs to kiss her. The pair end up making love.

At The Citadel:  Archmaester Marwyn takes a look at SerJorah, whose greyscale is spreading all over his body. He could live another ten years like this, but his mind will be gone in six months shares the Archmaester. Sam brings up that Jorah could be cured the way Shireen was, but Marwyn shoots him down. He gives Jorah a day before he ships him off to live his final days with the Stone Men. Ever the bookworm, Sam reveals that he may have found a greyscale cure in a book he read, but Marwyn points out to him that the book’s author died of greyscale. Not one to listen, Sam brings a cart of medical herbs and pastes into Jorah’s cell, where he proceeds to agonizingly slice off the grey scales, one by one (cue us nearly puking).

On the Road:  Arya runs into Hot Pie, who asks what she’s up to. She announces her plans to go to King’s Landing to pay Cersei a visit, which surprises her old friend as he tells her Jon Snow took Winterfell back from the Boltons, which shakes the young Stark to the core and leads to a change of travel plans (cue our heart swelling). Later on in the woods, Arya hears a noise and finds herself surrounded by a fierce pack of wolves, all baring their teeth, including one supersized direwolf. It’s Nymeria, which stuns Arya (and makes us cry). She asks the wolf to come with her to Winterfell but the direwolf just walks away, along with the other wolves.

At sea:  Yara and Ellaria start to get really into one another when they’re interrupted as their boats comes under fire. It’s Euron’s fleet, with his ship ramming right into Yara’s, setting off a blood filled hand-to-hand battle. Sadly, two of the Sand Snakes become casualties, with a third and Ellaria taken hostage. Yara and Euron face off, and he eventually gets the better of her, holding a blade to her throat and teasing Theon to come and save her. Unfortunately due to his PTSD caused by Ramsay’s torture, Theon just goes into catatonic Reek mode and leaves his sister to jump into the sea. Theon looks back for a second to see what has become of the once mighty fleet.

At Kings Landing: Adding to more bad news for Team Daenerys, Cersei’s found a new possible ally in her war against “The Mad King’s daughter”: Randyll Tarly. Randyll isn’t that quick to join up though as he is a little concerned, understandably, about the three full-grown dragons. Qyburn is able to quell those concerns as he shares they have a solution, which is, as it turns out, a massive crossbow that, when triggered, can fire a massive spear through a dragon’s eye.

Quote of the Night:

“If you ever betray me… I’ll burn you alive.” – Daenerys

Check out the promo for next week’s episode “The Queen’s Justice” below!

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