Doctor Who’s Next Doctor To Be Revealed On Sunday

Credit: Radio Times

Are you ready Whovians? The next incarnation of our beloved Time Lord will be announced this Sunday, July 16, after the Wimbledon Men’s Final.

It all seems rather quick but that’s probably my unabashed bias for Peter Capaldi speaking. The actor announced on January 30th that he would be leaving the role. Now, Series 10 of Doctor Who finished two weeks ago, and Capaldi has just the Christmas Special left in his run. That’s when we’ll see him regenerate into the to-be-revealed 13th version of the Doctor. Showrunner Steven Moffat will also hand over his duties to Chris Chibnall at that time.

In keeping with the tradition established when Moffat took over for Russell T. Davies, Chibnall will write any new lines for the new Doctor.

But who will that be? Your guess is as good as mine. Plenty of names have been thrown around, including Tilda Swinton, Kris Marshall, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge, but there doesn’t seem to be a clear frontrunner.

Of course, the biggest rumor is that the 13th Doctor will be a woman. While Moffat broke ground with Michelle Gomez’s female Master and in showing Time Lords regenerating into women, a woman hasn’t yet taken up the mantle of the longest running sci-fi show. Throughout series 10 there were hints and teases that maybe Chibnall and his new Doctor would cross this bridge.

If a woman is cast in the iconic role, my hope is they do it right. I don’t just mean casting the right actress but also giving her the right material. It would do a lot more harm than good to have a female Doctor who is subjected to sexist story arcs and such. Not that I believe Chibnall, who has done an excellent job on Broadchurch, would do this but it’s, unfortunately, a concern.

Sadly, the other concern is the response from haters. If the way they reacted to a female-led Ghostbusters movie and the recent female-centric Star Wars films has been any indication, they’re going to be loud and angry about a Time Lady headlining Doctor Who. But they need to get over themselves.

Even as I am buzzing with nervous anticipation, I’m also incredibly sad to really be saying goodbye to Capaldi’s Doctor. In addition to having a fantastic run on the show and being part of some of the greatest episodes in Doctor Who history, Capaldi is just a wonderful human being. He has been a fabulous ambassador for the role and the series and it will be very difficult to see someone else step into that role. I’m not ready.

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