Dan Stevens May Have Recruited Patrick Stewart To Legion And We Cannot Cope

Credit: Mondo Collectibles/Marc Aspinall

It’s hard to believe that this all started on the James Corden couch.

Dan Stevens and the cast of Legion are having a grand old time at the San Diego Comic Con.

Entertainment Tonight broke the first little tidbit of news hours before the Legion panel is set to take place. The subject? Whether or not the brilliant and amazing Patrick Stewart will appear in the FX drama any time soon. Stevens (and probably most of the Western World) are in agreement, this needs to happen. And, apparently, Stewart has already said yes! Cue screams of excitement.

Talking to ET‘s Leanne Aguilera, Stevens said he’s already approached Stewart about coming aboard and reprising one of his most famous roles.

“Oh god, Patrick Stewart takes a lot of beating and he did seem interested. He seemed very unaware of the show, but I mentioned that he was my dad, and he seemed pleasantly surprised.”

Noah Hawley, Legion‘s executive producer, quickly quipped, “This was at the supermarket?”

All joking aside, the topic did come up when both Stevens and Stewart sat on James Corden’s couch for an interview on The Late, Late Show. You can peep that clip below.

The topic of David Haller’s parentage has came up multiple times in the show’s freshman season and finally, the question was answered in the episode titled “Chapter Seven.”

In “Chapter Seven”, David is trapped with his rational mind as they try to piece together what The Shadow King really is. Hint: He’s a parasite using the face of David’s best friend Lenny to disorient and break David down. In one of the more brilliant sequences in “Chapter Seven”, chalkboard animations basically confirmed that a) David’s dad was a mutant and b) he is probably, definitely Professor Charles Xavier.

(It’s not exactly been officially confirmed. It’s just been hinted at and alluded to.)

Good news is, according to Hawley, season two is definitely going to address the topic of David’s father.

“I think we want to address that,” he said. “It’s normal when you learn you’re adopted to want to know who your real family is. He doesn’t yet know the identity, so I think it will be a process to get there.”

It’s definitely a process fans and critics are going to love. (Maybe it’ll lead to a very coveted Emmy nomination next season? Stay tuned!)

The Legion panel at SDCC will be this evening at 6/5c. Stay up to date with adorable cast shenanigans via the show’s Instagram.


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