Cate Blanchett And Chris Hemsworth Reveal How Fans Help Shaped Thor: Ragnarok

Credit: Marvel

It’s only a matter of months to go (ok, 88 days till we at 4YE get to see it, but who’s counting right?) before we see the full blown glory of the latest instalment of Thor: Ragnarok. Among the already stellar cast, is none other than Oscar winner Cate Blanchett donning the evil mantle of the Goddess of Death, Hela. 

Recently at San Diego Comic Con, almost the entire cast appeared to discuss the movie. As well as their highly entertaining panel, they also sat down down with EW to chat at length. During the interview Blanchett discussed how she approached turning herself into Hela.

“The fan base for these things, it’s huge — it’s kind of terrifying,” the Oscar winner admitted. But while intimidating, she also found inspiration from the devoted fans who have posted Hela make-up tutorials on YouTube. “So you kind of go to the fan base, and there’s so much to draw on there,” she said.

The new Marvel franchise movie, which will be the fifth time Chris Hemsworth has held the mighty Mjolnir, also had a fan’s input into the action. We saw that record breaking trailer earlier in the year, which delivered a hilarious line (and spawned a lot of memes). Hemsworth told EW about filming the scene where Thor realises he is about to battle the Hulk. “We had a young kid, a Make-A-Wish kid on set that day,” Hemsworth said, “He goes, ‘You know, you should say, “He’s a friend from work!”'”, and the rest is history.

The latest Thor is directed by hit Indie filmmaker, Taika Waititi and it’s his first blockbuster film. Fan reactions to Waititi and his off-beat sense of humour augur well for the film’s release.

Returning to the story line is Tom Hiddleston as The God of Mischief Loki, sporting a new look in blue. Anthony Hopkins also returns as Odin. When we last left Asgard, Loki had done something with Odin and was mimicking him on the throne. From all the snippets we have seen, Odin appears to now be living life as a homeless mortal. Fans are looking forward to seeing what mischief Loki has up his sleeve and how he came to be wrapped in chains on another planet.

Joining Hemsworth, Hiddleston and Blanchett will be Mark Ruffalo, Tessa Thompson, Jeff Goldblum, Karl Urban and Rachel House. While new to the Marvel movies, House regularly appears in Waititi’s films, most notably in his latest hilarious offering Hunt for The Wilderpeople as well as working on the film Moana, where she voiced Gramma Tala.

Thor: Ragnarok opens in UK and Australia on October 27th and in the USA on November 3rd 2017.

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