Awesome Con 2017: Eliza Dushku Talks Buffy, Bring It On And More During Q&A

Credit: 4YE

Eliza Dushku’s panel closed out the main stage at Awesome Con (June 16-18) and was moderated by Dushku’s friend, Clare Kramer. The two starred in Bring it On together and were both on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but not at the same time.

Dushku talked about how emotional she gets when she meets fans and they tell her how much a character or show changed/saved their life. She talked about growing up as a tomboy and not having characters on tv to look up to, so it’s special for her when she hears fans relate to her characters.

She talked about her first audition experience. Dushku was nine and accompanied her brother on one of his auditions. She ended up tripping and falling in front of her brother’s agent, and the agent told her mom he could get Dushku some jobs. Her brother took her to her first audition (for the movie This Boy’s Life), because her mom forgot. Dushku almost bailed because, when she got there, all the other girls were all dressed up and everything and she was all dirty from the school yard; but her brother told her she was doing it, and she got the job.

She talked about her audition for Bring it On. Dushku showed up in all black and was hungover and when asked if she’d ever been a cheerleader, she told the director she used to fight them. She was also asked to do a split, which she did. They had to go through 4 weeks of cheerleading camp before shooting started, and Dushku said she had to have special “Eliza Days,” to work on her facial expressions, because she looked angry all the time. Dushku said her favorite scenes to film were the ones where they did the actual routines, because it felt like they were actually competing.

Dushku would be up for doing more voice acting. She’s already voiced She-Hulk, Selina Kyle, and some video game characters. Dushku said she’d love playing She-Hulk if they ever made a movie. When she voiced Selina Kyle (Catwoman), she had to practice purring and meowing with her acting coach to “find her inner feline.”

A fan asked if there were any differences between working with the Buffy cast vs the Angel cast; and she said it felt very similar, but David Boreanaz was more of a free spirit on his own show. Like a lot of the fans, Dushku liked Faith’s character development in Angel. Kramer pointed out that Buffy and Angel were crossing over way before the Arrowverse did it.

Dushku and Kramer were both asked about their favorite seasons and episodes of Buffy. Naturally, Kramer answered with season five (it was the season she was) as her favorite season and named the season five finale, “The Gift,” as her favorite episode. Dushku’s favorite season was season three and her favorite episode was the season three episode, “Bad Girls.” She talked about how she and Faith were very similar; she was 17; she had just graduated high school, and she had a rough middle and high school experience. Playing Faith was empowering for her.

A fan asked how they humanize the darker characters and Kramer and Dushku answered “you don’t.” For Kramer, she didn’t think of her character as a god or anything, she just viewed them as human. Dushku talked about how part of being human is the shades of grey; we’re not strictly good or bad, and good people can do bad things and vice versa.

A number of fans asked her about the possibility of bringing shows back, and she talked about not wanting to revisit any show. She feels that “everything has its time” and sometimes shows get cut early, but that’s just “the nature of (show) business.” Dushku really liked how Buffy ended. She said she cried reading the scene where they share the Slayer power.

Dushku has been working as a producer, in addition to acting, and her company just recently optioned a tv series based on the Chronicles of the Black Company book series by Glen Cook.

You can check out a periscope of the full panel here.