4YE Quick Lists: Four Actors We’d Like To See As The Next James Bond

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The James Bond franchise is quite a seminal franchise loved by men and women alike. The men like the flashy gadgets, the action, and the gorgeous Bond girls. The women typically like ogling whomever happens to be cast as the 007 agent at the time. Still, others are intrigued by the espionage of the films and how Bond always saves the day.

It’s been a couple of years since the Daniel Craig led Spectre graced our screens. Recently, Christopher Nolan has expressed interest over directing a future Bond film. Whether it’ll ever happen is another story but it got me thinking. If Craig doesn’t come back for the next installment–which is tentatively slated for sometime in 2019–who could take up the mantle of the shaken, not stirred, MI6 agent?

We’re glad you asked because I’ve been thinking on this for a long time. Here are the four actors we’d like to see as the next James Bond (and the two actors who could play villains opposite them).

Before you go through this list in the hopes of seeing Tom Hiddleston, I’ll stop you now. Don’t get me wrong, he’d make a tremendous Bond. I was trying to get away from the usual suspects. I’m not sure I succeeded, but I tried.

1. Idris Elba

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Yes, yes, I know that his name has been thrown around a lot. Everyone points to Luther as his “audition” for the role. Even without Luther on the table, however, I think Elba would be a perfect Bond. He has both suave and charisma. He’s certainly extremely charming when it all comes right down to it.

I suppose what I like most about Elba is his ability to be both charming and serious. In Pacific Rim, the reason I loved Stacker Pentecost so well is because Elba was able to be commanding yet… unassuming isn’t exactly the word. You could believe he could play a spy just be watching that film. Plus, it gave us great moments like this one below, which would certainly happen at some point to a Bond like him.

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The words “intense” and “intimidating” come to mind. As does “gorgeous” and “commanding” and… you get the idea.

2. Charlie Hunnan

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Another Pacific Rim alum, Hunnan would be a great Bond if purely for the shallow fact that he’s gorgeous. Look at that smile.

I mean, he’s absolutely beautiful and he looks good in a suit.

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Not only does he look absolutely amazing in a suit (and facial hair, which I think the next Bond needs to have). He’s also charming and alluring. Plus, if you’ve ever seen Sons of Anarchy, you know he has the body to pull off Bond. He can be buff and sleek, but he can also be scrappy and fierce. It would be a rather nice change to the character who’s always been so assured of himself.

The only downside? He’s never been asked and he doesn’t seem like he’d be interested. This makes me very sad.

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3. Henry Cavill

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Cavill has really carved out a niche for himself as a venerable franchise star. He already has Superman under his belt. Not to mention there are rumours about a possible sequel to the funky, fun, and fresh The Man from UNCLE. If done right and done at all, would firmly establish Cavil as not only the Man of Steel, but an actor who could handle the slick and sleek spy genre.

In addition to him already having been in UNCLE, Cavill is an absolute beef cake. He has the acting chops to go with it. Plus, look at that smile.

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I haven’t seen much of Cavil’s work, I’ll admit but UNCLE was just fun and impressing enough to catch my attention. He managed to balance suave with not only charm but sarcasm and quick wit. All off which are perfect characteristics for Bond, not just a new iteration. If you haven’t seen him as Napoleon Solo, then you really need to put that on your list. It’ll give you faith in my choosing abilities. Promise.

4. Tom Hardy

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Have I mentioned I have a thing for facial hair? Have I also mentioned I think the new Bond should not be clean shaven? Well, not that I’m okay with the above facial hair, I prefer full beards, I think Tom Hardy should be the next Bond for a number of reasons that include his ability to grow a manly beard and look good in it in addition to him looking equally gorgeous with a clean shaven face. So, there.

But, I digress.

If Christopher Nolan were to ever direct a Bond film (or even a trio of films, that’d be nice), then Hardy should be his Bond. I’m not just saying this because Hardy is a stalwart of Nolan films.  No, I’m saying this because Hardy is just amazing and Nolan knows how to direct him.

If we’re looking at particular films as “audition” films, then I should mention Inception simply because of his ease at portraying Eames.

Simply put, Eames was a smart ass. He was brawn. He was sass. He was snark. He was amazing. Not to mention, Hardy was given the creative control to improvise. Let me tell you something, his improvisation was spot on.


If given that type of creative control with a character who wasn’t a main character, then imagine if he had that control and input on a Nolan Bond film?


Now, we all know that a Bond film would be nothing without a villain. I’m throwing two more actors at you! Both of them are successful and both have played villains in their time. They’re also both extremely good looking too, which is always a plus.

Bond Villain Number 1: Dan Stevens

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Hear me out. Hear me out.

Now before you cry foul and freak out over why I chose him as a villain and not Bond himself, let me make my points.

First, Dan would make a spectacular villain. The Guest is a testament to that. He has the icy blue stare and the charisma to be extremely scary when needed (and if written correctly). Plus, Stevens has the ability to seesaw between both effortlessly. Again, just watch The Guest.

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Second, Stevens is the type of actor to be drawn by well written, morally ambiguous characters that make him think and make the audience think. True, all of his characters haven’t been such.

He is drawn to depth. Bond, no matter how well written he is, lacks the depth for Stevens to portray him. I know that sounds horrible, but most Bond films are characterized by their villains. Their villains get the developmental love. Bond doesn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, Stevens would make a great Bond. He has the look, the sex appeal, the body, the chops, but I believe he would be a better villain. Maybe he’d do well against Elba?

Bond Villain Number 2: Michael Sheen

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(Yes, with the beard. Disregard everything else. I couldn’t find a good image with him in the beard from Masters of Sex.)

I haven’t seen a lot of Michael Sheen’s work. It’s a thing I need to rectify.

I have no doubt, however, that he’d make an icily perfect Bond villain ala Javier Bardem. The only role I’ve seen him properly in is Tron: Legacy. His turn as a two timing program named Castor–or Zuse if you’re being technical–was a deliciously fun romp that show cased Sheen’s comedic timing and his glee at being a villain.

I mean, look at this.

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For some reason, I’d love to see a Nolan directed Sheen so we’ll pair him up with Hardy, shall we?

What do you guys think about my picks for the next James Bond? Who do you want to see as the next Bond? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments!

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