Wynonna Earp Recap: “Shed Your Skin” Takes On A New Meaning During This Week’s Episode

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Previously on Wynonna Earp, Nicole told Waverly she tastes different, the gang rescued Dolls from Black Badge, and everyone except Nicole signed a contract in blood to work with Black Badge, which will definitely not come back to bite them in the ass. Oh also, Black Badge dude WAS named last week and I missed it; his name is Moody.

This week’s episode got a little Haughter and featured the worst kind of demon.

Demon Spiders

In the beginning of the episode, a construction worker, Jesus, gets attacked and taken by something while using a porta-potty, leaving behind a lot of goo and spider webs. One of his coworkers takes the case to Nicole. Jesus isn’t the first person to go missing like that, and Waverly takes the file and brings it to Lucado’s attention. Lucado shoots them down because they “don’t do random” and basically tells Waverly she’s only good to fetch coffee.

Wynonna looks into it and recognizes the person building the condos, an old school friend of hers named Mercedes (played by Dani Kind). When she goes to the site and investigates the building, one of the workers runs away from her. She chases him down, and it’s a Revenant named Earl. Wynonna smells Shalidelle and gets distracted because it reminds her of Willa. She sees a figure dressed in black down the hall, and we see a flashback of Wynonna shooting Willa. After it ends, both the figure and Earl are gone. Wynonna runs after Earl and finds a room with spider webs and Jesus cocooned in the webbing.

Wynonna brings a big egg sac looking thing to HQ (Black Badge office in the police station) and cuts into it. She freaks out because she gets goo on her hand but then smells the perfume again. The black figure is behind her, but when she turns, Waverly is right there. The two have an Earp sister heart to heart about Dolls and Nicole before a WAY TOO LARGE SPIDER DEMON JUMPS OUT OF THE SAC AND ATTACKS THEM. The two of them get it under a trashcan, with Waverly sitting on top. Lucado and Jeremy don’t answer their phones so Waverly and Wynonna are left taking care of it themselves. Wynonna grabs Peacemaker and for some ungodly reason, WAVERLY TIPS THE TRASHCAN TOWARDS HER and when the demon doesn’t come out, SHE GETS DOWN ON THE FLOOR AND PUTS HER FACE CLOSE TO THE TRASH CAN, AND THE DEMON SPIDER COMES RUNNING OUT AT HER FACE. Waverly gets away from it while Wynonna shoots it.

They have Jeremy examine the dead spider demon, and he discovers it’s a baby and most likely has siblings. He makes his discovery just in time for Mercedes to call Wynonna for help because she’s been cornered by a couple of the demons.

Waverly and Wynonna go to the condo site to take care of the demons and rescue Mercedes. While Waverly walks Mercedes out of the building, Wynonna hunts Earl down. He tells her he doesn’t want to die, and Wynonna tells him there may be another way to break the curse. Earl is all for that, because it means he can still “protect it.” He leads her to the basement chapel but attacks her when she tries to break into it. Wynonna knocks him out, and Waverly shows up to help Wynonna kill the demons that are left. They find a bunch of eggs and go to town smashing them to pieces. The Earp sisters get covered in goo but at least they look really badass walking down the hallway afterwards. They run into Mercedes again (Why the hell didn’t she leave?!) and head out. Wynonna is a little behind the other two, senses something’s around, but keeps going. Two of the figures in black show up; one of them lifts her veil, revealing they DON’T HAVE FACES!

Back at HQ, Wynonna is drying off after a decontamination shower and trying to give Lucado a report, but Lucado is too busy on her phone. I’m assuming it’s Dolls related. Jeremy pops up to deliver one of the best lines in the episode “Did smashing all of those demon eggs make you wet?” (Wynonna’s response was also great “Well, uh, I like my job, but it hasn’t bought me dinner in a really long time”). Jeremy explains that the demon spider things are usually submerged in water, and Wynonna and Waverly realize that there were a few demons there that didn’t belong, so something must have drawn them there. Waverly and Wynonna go to the condo site to check the basement and find a weird seal thing that’s been broken (Hellmouth?!) and Earl with his throat slit.

Shorty’s Has a New Owner

With Bobo dead, Shorty’s is up for grabs, and Nedley decides Doc is the best choice to run it, as long as he cleans it up and comes up with the funds to run it. Doc recruits a woman named Rosita (Tamara Duarte) to help him, promising protection. Rosita takes the deal and while taking inventory of the bar and basement, tells him they need a few items before they can start reverse engineering and synthesizing something. I’m assuming it has something to do with Dolls’ drugs.

Doc gets the money for the bar from blackmailing Lucado. He found (and stole) documents that show she hired mercenaries to kill Dolls.

Credit: Syfy

Way Haught

Waverly comes into the station while Nicole is interviewing Jesus’ coworker. When he leaves, she starts flirting and playing around; and Nicole gets annoyed. Not only was she excluded from the scary blood oath, Black Badge also un-deputized her (if they un-deputized her, wouldn’t they know that she knew about Black Badge and that Waverly and Wynonna lied about anyone else knowing?).

Later at the homestead, Waverly shows Nicole Willa’s diary and explains that Willa and Bobo didn’t think she was an Earp. Nicole points out that Willa was young and siblings kind of do stuff like that and that Bobo is a “gaslighting sociopath” who shouldn’t be trusted. Waverly tells her there’s another side to Bobo that wouldn’t lie to her, which threw up a red flag for me but apparently not Nicole. Nicole tells her she’s “The Earpiest Earp of them all” and they kiss, but Nicole pulls away. When Waverly asks if they’re still fighting Nicole tells her someone is coming up the stairs. It’s Wynonna. She apologizes when she realizes she interrupted, but Nicole leaves anyway. Waverly tells Wynonna not to worry about it because Nicole wanted to leave.

At the end of the episode, Waverly is redecorating Willa’s old bedroom, that I guess is now Waverly’s. Where did Waverly sleep before?! Nicole makes a comment about the room is really her “but different” and Waverly tells her she fells different. The two talk about the fact that they’ve been fighting and agree that it’s terrible before Nicole hands Waverly a folder that has the potential to upset her. It’s full of applications for different documents that would prove Waverly is really an Earp (or not). Nicole tells her that as long as Waverly wants her, she’ll be by her side. They kiss and start to undress each other, but Nicole stops them to make sure Waverly is sure; she is, so Nicole picks her up and takes her to bed.

Credit: Syfy

Baby Girl Touched the Goo (Gooverly Update)

After she and Wynonna have a Willa related heart to heart in the kitchen, Waverly’s eyes go black while she’s searching for a snack. I guess there wasn’t anything that appealed to her inner demon in the fridge because SHE EATS THE DEAD SPIDER DEMON THAT’S CHILLING ON THE TABLE. I really hope she brushed her teeth thoroughly before heading back upstairs to Nicole.

Other Notable Plot Points

  • Doc talks to Wynonna about Dolls and her feelings and tells her she’s free to kiss whomever she likes. When Wynonna tries to kiss him, he stops her and says “As long as they want you to” and they get into a fight. This scene and the scene with Nicole and Waverly were such simple ways to express the importance of consent, and I appreciate them adding those lines in.

  • Lucado apparently believes that Willa and Wynonna worked together to open the barrier and that they’re all cleaning up Wynonna’s mess.

  • When Wynonna tells Waverly about the figure in black and the perfume, Waverly suggests it’s Willa’s ghost unable to move on, so they burn all of Willa’s things to exorcise her. I’m pretty sure that’s not how that works and they just wanted to burn things, though.

  • Jeremy has a crush on Doc, and Doc doesn’t seem too bothered by it. Okay this one wasn’t that important, but it made me smile.



  1. Great recap. Technically Dolls unofficially deputized Nicole but he skedaddled before making it any kind of official so really only Doc can verify that she was deputized so Black Badge doesn’t need to know about Nicole. Though my 2 cents is that Nicole knowing about Black Badge but Black Badge not knowing about her will be an asset. I mean she is the one that handed them the case to begin with.
    The room thing confused me, is Willa the only one that ever had a room or did the 3 girls share a room? I kind of feel like last season when Waverly was showing Willa the funeral stuff it was on her (Waverly’s) bed.
    Another thing is about the spider, why was it still in the Earp kitchen after they “solved” the case? Lucado was all “kill me a demon” because they then have to research them so why are the Earp girls keeping it in their kitchen as a souvenir?
    As for Jeremy crushing on Doc, I think it might be the scientist in him geeking out. You remember that he also decided to help Waverly last episode when she said it was to help Dolls because Dolls is also a “specimen” to him. And last season when Dolls was going to give Doc to BBD as a test subject because he’s like immortal and shit.
    Lastly about Doc blackmailing Lucado, he said Dolls already killed the assassins, now are those the assassins that hit the homestead last season that shot Waverly a little or are these new assassins that tracked Dolls on the run and he took them out?
    Every time I watch I catch something new and with every recap I get new thoughts in my head.

    1. Thank you!

      I know that Nicole was never officially deputized, but I guess the line didn’t make sense because nobody knew? So it was weird to be like “Oh is it because you were un-deputized?”

      The room thing is weird, the three of them didn’t share a room, that one was very obviously Willa’s room, but maybe Waverly and Wynonna did?

      I would also like to know about why the spider was brought back to the Homestead…

      You may have a point about Jeremy, but I think there’s something else there, it seemed like he tried to flirt a little. Tried.. haha

      I think the assassin’s Doc was talking about were new ones. I think Lucado hired them after Dolls escaped.

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