Kiersey Clemons Teases An Iris West Cameo In The Justice League

Credit: Tidal Magazine

The next film in the DCEU is the much anticipated Justice League.

We can honestly hope for the best after Wonder Woman had gotten us all insanely hyped. While it would be good to see the long awaited team-up of the DC character on the big screen, there are little moments that we expect as well.

Unlike Marvel, we’ve only spent extended time with the “Trinity” of the DC Universe: Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Ben Affleck), and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot).

We’ve seen the rest in brief flashes. Poor Aquaman (Jason Momoa), The Flash (Ezra Miller), and Cyborg (Ray Fisher). It makes sense that we will be seeing some of their characters and background in the film.

We already are expecting to see Mera (Amber Heard) in the film. So what about Iris West?

According to Kiersey Clemons in an interview with Modeliste Magazine, we’ll be seeing her in the upcoming film. Yay!

“This November, I’m making a cameo in Justice League as Iris West and it’s the first time that you meet her before we get to see her in The Flash with Ezra Miller. It was my first time doing something so extravagant like that. We filmed in London and that’s one of my favorite places.”

It’s good that we’re getting to see Iris West before The Flash solo film. Since we don’t know when that’s happening, they’re still saying sometime in 2018.

But well a director is needed first.

Bec Heim