James Cameron Casts Game Of Thrones’ Oona Chaplin In Avatar Sequels

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The sequels to James Cameron’s sci-fi hit Avatar has some more casting news. And it comes in the form of none other than Game of Thrones star Oona Chaplin.

Chaplin played the role of Talisa Stark on the soon-to-end series. Talisa was married to Robb Stark, son of Ed and Caitlyn, and would have been the rightful ruler of Winterfell had the pair not met a bloody end in the season three episode The Rains of Castamere, aka The Red Wedding.

In her new role Chaplin will play a character called Varang, and she will appear in all four up-coming sequels. At this point we have no clue whether Varang is Human, Naavi or another life form altogether.

Back in 2009 Avatar blew audiences away not only with its story line, but the graphics and the fabulous creatures and scenery on Pandora. It retains its title as the highest grossing film of all time, earning over $2.7 billion dollars. Cameron has been in discussion with 20th Century Fox since then to bring the sequels to the big screen.

Cameron says the Avatar sequels are “essentially all in pre-production now because we are designing creatures, settings and characters that span all three films.”

We will also see the return of the original stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, and interestingly, Sigourney Weaver is also listed. Earlier this year the cast gathered for the latest experience at Walt Disney World, Pandora – The World of Avatar. Weaver stated that while it is a long wait for fans to see the films, “They’re so worth it. They’re well worth waiting for.”

As for Chaplin, who is the granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, you can also see her current work in the FX series Taboo, opposite Tom Hardy.

Avatar 2  is scheduled to be released in December of 2020.

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