It’s A Whole New World In Doctor Who’s “The Lie Of The Land”

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I go on vacation for a little while and a race of alien monks takes over the planet. Big thanks to Bec for filling in last week when I was incredibly sick and Bill essentially handed over Earth in exchange for the Doctor’s returned vision. Now I’m feeling a bit better and the planet is a lot worse off.

Everything has gone completely 1984. Materials like comic books are banned, there’s thought police, and if you even remember the Monks have only been around six months instead of since 1975, you’re arrested. Bill is keeping a low profile as she searches for the Doctor and maintaining her right mind by talking out loud to a memory of her mom. Nardole finds her and together they decide to rescue the Doctor.

The Time Lord has been the prisoner and seemingly willing participant of the Monks’ broadcasts the last few months. Bill and Nardole sneak aboard the ship he’s on and into his room, but the Doctor doesn’t want to be rescued. As soon as his friends are there, the Doctor calls the Monks and his guards. Hurt by his betrayal and feeling that she really gave up the planet for no reason at all since the Doctor isn’t going to save them, Bill steals a guard’s gun and shoots the Doctor. He starts to regenerate…

And then abruptly stops. The entire thing was a ruse to make sure Bill wasn’t under the Monks’ mind control. The Doctor is most definitely not on the Monks’ side but he does need help in defeating them. It’s time to visit Missy in her vault. The big band Time Lady is trying to be good but it’s a slow process. Amidst her teasing, she does help the Doctor figure out the Monks are controlling the world’s population via a psychic link formed with one person and amplified by the statues they’ve placed around the planet.

But here’s the problem, as we all might’ve guessed. The psychic link was formed with Bill and she has to die to break it. Obviously, the Doctor doesn’t like that option. He’s even known that was the solution for a while but had hoped to find another one. Which he does. He’ll plug himself into the device sending false memories to people around the world.

With guards wearing headphones to keep them from slipping back under the Monks’ control, the TARDIS team infiltrates the Monks’ command center in the heart of London. One of the guards’ tape player is damaged and he slips back under the mind control. Nardole takes him out with a Torovian Neck Pinch before he can shoot the Doctor.

The Doctor plugs himself in but the machine is too powerful and he’s knocked out. When he comes to, Bill has tied him up and says a sweet goodbye. She knows it has to be her. She plugs in and is soon overwhelmed by the Monks. Except they can’t touch the memories of her mom because they’ve all been created by Bill herself. Her mom is transmitted around the world and the Monks lose their mental hold. They’re forced to take off into the atmosphere before the planet completely rebels.

As usually happens after the world has been altered, no one remembers a thing. The Monks erased any memory of their presence. Things settle back to normal except for Missy, who is struggling with memories of everyone she’s killed. Tears trickle down her face. Maybe she’s turned good after all.

Doctor’s Notes  

  • Missy: “You’re on fire, you’re literally on fire, you’re caliente.”
  • Missy, upon finding out Bill probably needs to die to save the planet: “Awwwwkward.”
  • How is Peter Capaldi getting more beautiful by the episode??
  • Pearl Mackie acted the absolute hell out of her scenes this week. The Doctor should probably be a little worried how easily his companion decided to shoot him.
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