Even Spider-Man Needs His Afternoon Pick Me Up In This Prank Video

Credit: Sony/YouTube

Spider-Man is definitely a bit of a jokester.

What can you expect with someone who spouts such lovable snark as our favorite webslinger? So honestly, the fact that Sony arranged for a prank session with Spidey in a New York Starbucks is not that big of a surprise.

In the video, ordinary coffee goers were shocked when a Spider-Man would drop in for his own caffeine driver pick me up.

It’s pretty amazing, truth be told. It was amazing to watch the crew get the rig together so the prank can be executed flawlessly. All in all, I think Spider-Man would definitely approve.

Stan Lee seemed to anyway.

Yeah he’s cameoing in YouTube videos now. Of course, he is. Bless his heart.

Check out the video below.

Spider-Man Homecoming will hit theatres July 7th.

Bec Heim