Clare Kramer Q&A At Awesome Con 2017: Buffy, Cheerleading And Trivia

Credit: 4YE

Clare Kramer, best known for her roles in Bring it On and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, made her first appearance at Awesome Con in DC June 16th – 18th.

Kramer started the panel by thanking us for being there and talking about how special it was as an actor to attend cons and meet fans. That, coupled with the fact that the panel was held in a smaller room, really set a nice, intimate feel for the Q&A.

Kramer talked a lot about Bring it On, which makes sense, considering it’s a Mean Girls level classic. The cast had to attend a month long cheerleading camp, where she had so much fun that she told Eliza Dushku she wanted to quit acting and become a professional cheerleader. Obviously that didn’t stick. When a fan asked whose final Bring it On performance was better, Kramer actually talked through her reasoning before answering and said it was the Toros. She argued that they had the better routine with the helicopter toss and harder gymnastics.

She described getting the role of Glory as “winning the lottery.” She was still new to acting and had just finished Bring it On when she was called to audition for Buffy. She wasn’t really familiar with the show and had never done television before. When she auditioned, she was given two pages of random lines with a character description of “Female.” Hoping to stand out, she chose to channel Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Obviously, it was a smart choice.

Kramer still hasn’t gone back and watched the entire series, but she feels like she has because of the fans and all the time she’s spent talking about the show. Same with the comics. She knows what’s happened, but she hasn’t read them; she’s waiting for Glory to make an appearance. Kramer did say she was waiting for all of her kids to be old enough to watch the series, so they can make it a family thing.

She didn’t know Glory was a god until she read the script for it, and she’s glad because it would have changed how she played her. Kramer also didn’t know the deal with Ben and Glory until later on. The producers did have her work with Charlie Weber during the casting process. It made her think they would be twins, which was exciting. However, when they were filming, they weren’t allowed in the same room together until the Ben/Glory reveal, because the producers and writers didn’t want them to interact much beforehand.

Kramer is currently directing a documentary, called Joyrider, about the first hand cyclist to qualify for Race Across America (RAAM). The 12 day race starts in Oceanside, California and ends in Annapolis, Maryland. It’s an intense endurance event, and the cyclists only sleep 90 minutes a night.

Kramer ended the panel with a Buffy trivia challenge. She asked 10 questions (below) and the first hand that went up got the first chance to answer the question, each correct answer got you a point, and the most points won a prize. She gave the winner a bagel from her backpack (she signed the wrapper) and a free photo op. The bagel was delicious.

1: Which actor filmed scenes for the Buffy movie as well as the TV show?

2: Finish this sentence from the show and name the character who said it: “And you’ve got people, billions of people walking around like_____”

3: What is the name of the first set of issues of Buffy season 8?

4: What is Xander’s middle name?

5: In Buffy season 8, who did they reveal as the character Twilight?

6: In the movie, who did Buffy hope to marry when she graduated high school?

7: What is Buffy’s home address?

8: How did Mutant Entertainment end every episode?

9: How many vampires did Buffy slay between the movie and the show?

10: What is this quote from the season four finale in reference to: “Miles to go Little Miss Muffet, counting down from 730?