Chris Colfer To Make His Directorial Debut With The Land Of Stories: The Wishing Spell

Credit: Paul Michna/Daily Herald

Last Friday when Chris Colfer tweeted out that there was a “BIG announcement coming soon! Been a secret for months. And this time, it’s the one you want”, fans had a fair idea that it was somehow related to his New York Times best-selling fantasy series The Land of Stories. While speculation has been rife over the following days, yesterday Colfer did in fact confirm what we have all been wanting… The Land of Stories is finally coming to the big screen.

However, the announcements did not end there. In what is probably no surprise to fans, but one that they are overjoyed about, the self-confessed control freak is not only going to write the script for The Wishing Spell, the first book in the series, but will also make his directorial debut.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Colfer will be teaming up with Twentieth Century Fox and Shawn Levy’s 21 Laps to bring the fantasy series to life, with Fox obtaining the rights to the series. Colfer celebrated the announcement, letting his followers know:

First published in 2012, and written in between shooting Glee and performing on the Glee Live! tour, The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell introduces us to twins Alex and Conner Bailey as well as the multitude of familiar yet slightly off-beat fairy tale characters we all grew up loving. In this first book of the series, we follow the twins as they find themselves transported into the fairy tale world via a magic book given to them by their grandmother. While thrilled to see all these characters come to life, they quickly discover that they are trapped in this world and that the only way to return to where they below is to track down the items for the mysterious Wishing Spell. The only problem is that the Evil Queen has returned and is also after these items. The twins find themselves on a race against time to not only return to their world, but save the fairy tale one as well.

Following the global success of the first novel, the series has since spawned five sequels (the fifth and final one, Worlds Collide will be released next month), as well illustrated picture books, audiobooks, a collection of fairy tales and an upcoming graphic novel. With Colfer ready to set off on a 20-city book tour to promote Worlds Collide and the picturebook, Trollbella Throws A Party, we can be sure that more news about the upcoming film will be shared.

While The Wishing Spell will mark Colfer’s directorial debut, we have already been given a taste of his screenwriting abilities. In addition to penning and starring in the 2012 coming-of-age drama Struck by Lightning, Colfer also wrote an episode in Glee’s fifth season, “Old Dog, New Tricks”. Given how long these characters have been apart of his life, his love and attention to detail over who he entrusted to bring them to the big screen, and his skills as a writer, we here at 4YE can’t wait to see this story in the cinemas. Now if only we could get him to also star in film, now that would be the ultimate triple threat here.

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