Chris Colfer To Embark On 20-City Book Tour For The Land Of Stories: Worlds Collide

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For the past five years July has been a magical time for fans of Chris Colfer’s New York Times best-selling fantasy series The Land of Stories as it marked not only the release of the next adventure but also a chance to interact with Colfer as he embarked on book tours across North America. So it is with mixed emotions that fans look to this July and the end of an era with the release of the sixth and final book, Worlds Collide. To celebrate, Colfer will once again take to the road with a 20-city tour.

It’s hard to believe that twins Alex and Conner only entered our world in 2012, so entrenched have they become in the imaginations of kids, young and old. But yes it was 2012 that we were first introduced to the Bailey twins and, along with them, fell into the land of stories, meeting up with many familiar names and faces along the way. While trouble has been brewing for some time in the fairy tale world, things have been relatively quiet in our world. However, that’s all set to change in Worlds Collide, when the separation between the human and fairy worlds no longer exists.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Colfer expressed his wish for fans of the series with the final book. “I hope [the book] leaves readers with the same amount of closure and nostalgia [as it does me]. Because to me, it has the perfect ending.”

As fans contemplate struggling to get through the book and say goodbye to these beloved characters, Colfer is contemplating how he’ll get through the upcoming tour. “I’m just hoping to get through it without becoming a big, sobbing mess,” he confessed. “The characters have been my imaginary best friends since childhood, and even though I’m confident book six is the best place to end the series, I’m going to miss having all those voices in my head.”

While all he would reveal about the upcoming book was that “it would make a very expensive film” [interesting….], he was kind enough to share the back cover with PEOPLE.

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The Worlds Collide book tour will begin on July 11 (same day the book is released) at the Union Square Barnes & Noble in New York City. He will then tour cross country finishing on the West Coast on July 30. Full details of the tour will be released by Colfer next week so keep an eye out on his social media.

Although Worlds Collide marks the end of the YA series novels, it’s not truly the end of The Land of Stories. Also released on July 11 is the picture book Trollbella Throws A Party, and a graphic novel starring Goldie is in the works. Then we have the inevitable movies to look forward to… here’s hoping we get those sooner rather than later.

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