Awesome Con 2017: John Barrowman Opens Up About Arrow Departure And More

Credit: Awesome Con

As anyone who has ever attended a John Barrowman panel can tell, the man knows how to put on a show and then some. His appearance at Awesome Con this past weekend was no exception, with Barrowman delivering one entertaining panel from start to finish.

The entertainer kicked things off in high gear by coming out on stage in a costume that any Doctor Who or Torchwood fan would recognize, his infamous Captain Jack Harkness coat. The coat didn’t stay on Barrowman very long as he quickly took it off to reveal his TARDIS onesie and white heels to match.

As usual, Barrowman regaled those in attendance with some of his crazy stories about his family and his fellow co-workers. During this panel, the actor revealed some of the shenanigans that went on during his 50th birthday party, which featured his Arrow co-star Stephen Amell. In one particular anecdote, Barrowman revealed that Amell actually ruined the carpet in his bedroom by doing pushups and accidentally smearing the paint he had on his chest onto the carpet. Yikes!

Besides the usual fun stories of his life, Barrowman did get a little serious during the panel, particularly when asked by a fan whether his character on Arrow, Malcolm Merlyn, would be returning at all. “No, I’m very upset about it,” admitted the actor. He went on further to explain his feelings and explained that he gets why it had to happen. Barrowman understood why Malcolm Merlyn had to leave the show but he does have some conflicting feelings about how it all played on the screen. “I didn’t agree with how he was killed since he died off screen. It wasn’t very nice,” shared Barrowman before moving on from the subject.

Barrowman also touched on the subject about representation in the media, especially bisexual characters like Captain Jack Harkness. “There should be more bisexuals in the media,” shared the actor, noting the serious lack of representation in Hollywood.

While fans may not get to Barrowman on Arrow anymore, they are other things from the entertainer that they can look forward to, which includes his new project Cursed,  which was also announced at Awesome Con. As for those Hamilton rumors that had been surrounding Barrowman with regards to the London cast, it looks like the rumors weren’t that far off, and the actor did confirm that they did approach him about playing King George. “I didn’t have the time,” said Barrowman about not joining Hamilton.

Barrowman ended his panel in typical fashion by serenading the crowd with an old favorite of his “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, which lets just say, we couldn’t take our eyes off him.


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