Awesome Con 2017: David Tennant Takes Us On A Timey Wimey Stroll Down Memory Lane

Credit: Awesome Con

Being one of the biggest draws at any convention is a lot to live up to. There are high expectations when it comes to the panels, and you don’t want to disappoint the crowds. David Tennant was one of the biggest names at Awesome Con this year, and as expected, his panel was one timey wimey fantastic adventure from start to finish.

Tennant’s panel at Awesome Con got off to a high energy start as the actor greeted the crowds in typical Tennant fashion. “Good morning! When do we start singing?” asked Tennant. Unfortunately, there was no singing from the actor this weekend but he definitely seemed gamed for it.

Quickly after coming on stage, all talks turned to all things Doctor Who related. Tennant dove right into the heart of things with regards on what he loves about Doctor Who and how it manages to work after all these years. “It works best when it seems imaginable. When it gets too impossible, it takes you out of it,” shared the actor.

As for that infamous Timey Wimey explanation that the Doctor is known for tossing out whenever he’s asked about what’s going on, even Tennant himself isn’t too sure of the reasoning and explanation but did offer up an answer of sorts. “I’m sure Steven Moffat knew what he was talking about,” teased Tennant.

Credit: Awesome Con

Tennant’s tenure as the Tenth Doctor was definitely one for the books and gave viewers a lot of memorable episodes and spectacular co-stars, which Tennant reflected on during his panel. When asked about his episodes involving the Master, the actor had the kindest things to say about the Master’s portrayers Derek Jacobi and John Simms. “I couldn’t ask for two better actors to be the Master,” said Tennant.

Playing such an iconic character as the Doctor is something the Scottish actor is quite proud of. “It’s lovely playing the cleverest person in the room. I get all the best lines,” joked Tennant. He also gets why Doctor Who appeals to everyone of all ages.

Tennant wrapped his panel up by giving some pretty sound advice to anyone interested in being an actor. “When you start as an actor, I think the biggest challenge is getting a job,” shared Tennant. He also shared some Do’s and Don’ts. “Don’t be late, learn your lines, and don’t be an arsehole,” warned Tennant.

Wise words to live by indeed.

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