Will Robin Wright Swap Her Acting Career For A Career Behind The Camera?

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House of Cards is probably one of the greatest shows on Netflix and the next season is already highly anticipated by the fans.

Francis and Claire’s relationship is the driving force of the show and they are equals in every way, which became even more clear at the end of the last season when Claire became his running mate in the upcoming election.

One would assume that the actors behind our favorite political couple (on TV that is 😉 ) is also equal in every sense behind the camera. However, this is not the case as Robin Wright, who plays Claire Underwood, has revealed in an interview with The Edit.

The gender pay gap is discussed among many people and it does not seem to stop in any kind of business.

Even though Wright was told she was getting the same amount of pay that her co-star and on-screen husband Kevin Spacey got, she has recently found out that that wasn’t the case. It must be extremely frustrating, given her fight previously in season four for equal pay.

“I was told that I was getting equal pay [to Kevin] and I believed them, and I found out recently that it’s not true… so that’s something to investigate,” she reveals. “Claire and Francis are equivalent as far as their power, their union and the plot. I may not have as many scenes or words as Francis, but Claire doesn’t need to verbalize as much. Francis is an orator, a poet, a demonstrator. Claire is an [ego] that sits in the back and directs him, but they are partners on the same plane.”

Even though this is a major break in trust, she still enjoys working on the set of the Netflix show and she and Kevin Spacey get along extremely well it seems.

“I never thought House of Cards would be what it is; I thought it would only [last] a year,” she said. “It’s the greatest crew. Kevin and I giggle all day long, to the point where they won’t allow non-waterproof mascara on me, because I am crying laughing.”

But we could lose the actress to behind the camera, as she has discovered that she has a passion for being a director as well and that she is getting a little bored with just the acting job after 30 years of doing it.

“I only want to direct. I don’t want to be in front of the camera anymore. I’ve done it, I’m bored. I so appreciate [this career],” she explained.

It really seems to be something she wants to do, as she explained how it was like helping her daughter run lines and directing her a little bit and seeing the result of it right away.

“I’ve been doing it 30 years, but I love watching and helping other actors bring [their talent] to fruition. I was working with my daughter [Dylan Penn] last night because she has an audition for a TV show. We were running lines and I was giving her some directions, and I saw her take the direction and the [next] take was so good.”

Hopefully, we won’t lose Robin Wright right away to behind the camera and that we’ll get to see her a bit longer as Claire Underwood (equally paid that is), as she’s doing an amazing job being her and bringing her to life.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait much longer to see her back in action again, as House of Cards will return on May 30 on Netflix. And in case you need a reason why you should watch the new season, Claire has a message for you:

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