TV Season 2017: 6 Cancellations That Hit Us Hard

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Cancelled. The one word that television lovers everywhere fear even more than the long summer hiatus that’s coming our way. Nothing hurts worse than knowing you’ll have to make it through a summer filled with reruns, without being rewarded by new episodes of your favorite TV show.

Unfortunately, 2017 has been a harsh year for the world of TV. As with every year, we have to prepare to say goodbye not just to new shows that showed immense potential but never had the chance to fully develop, but also to established programs that we couldn’t help but love for years.

Here’s our very own, very subjective list of this season’s worst cancellations.

2 Broke Girls (CBS)
We’ve been following the lives of total opposites Max and Caroline for six long years, where we saw them struggle to survive work in a Brooklyn Diner, while trying to successfully found a cupcake business. The show was one of CBS’s most established comedy shows, and while the sitcom’s wit level wasn’t necessarily off the charts, we loved Max’s dirty humor and Caroline’s naiveté. Why this masterpiece wasn’t renewed for at least a final seventh season (to wrap up some loose ends) remains a mystery.

Baby Daddy

Speaking of established comedy formats with a large fanbase, Freeform decided to cancel Baby Daddy, the quirky sitcom about Ben Wheeler adapting to fatherhood with the help of his family and friends, after its 100th episode, which now turns out to be the season finale. The cancellation comes as a shock to cast, creators, and audiences. With Danny and Riley just now expecting their first child it seems like a waste not to explore how that plays out. It also seems wasteful of Freeform to cancel the one comedy show that actually attracted audiences, but that is none of our business.

Making History

Okay, we admit that Making History was not the strongest comedy pilot we’ve watched this year, and with the abundance of time-travel centric programs that currently grace our television screens, the show had a hard time finding its place. But the premise was fun, the cast was great (our love for Adam Pally and Leighton Meester is endless) and with a little more faith, Making History could have been great. We’ll blame it on bad timing.

Powerless (NBC)
We really, really, really wanted Powerless to be better than it was. With Dani Pudi and Alan Tudyk it was guaranteed to be a laugh, and in combination with DC Comics, the premise was solid and the show sure to be a success. But it seemed that the powers that be weren’t really sure what program they wanted to make, and with a completely re-vamped pilot and story,the Powerless  we ended up seeing wasn’t able to find its footing. It’s a shame, because we were so ready to love it.

Scream Queens

This cancellation really makes us want to scream. After it had been reported that Billie Lourd would join American Horror Story next season, our hopes had been crushed for another season of Chanel-induced laughter. Still, the official cancellation hurt. Scream Queens was the fun, trashy, slasher-horror comedy that we deserved, and with an exciting second season it does come as a bit of shock that FOX wouldn’t want to further pursue it.

Sweet/Vicious (MTV)
We are filled with absolute rage when we think about how MTV could let this brilliant, witty, clever, funny, strong, beautiful television series go. Over the course of the first season we fell in love with vigilantes Jules and Ophelia, who brought justice to rapists, sexual predators, and bullies, while remaining vulnerable and interesting, and oh so three-dimensional. Jenn Kaytin Robinson created a universe that gave hope for a better future in a world we have trouble believing is real. Thanks for taking that from us, MTV. We will be bitter forever.

These are just a few of the cancelled programs we will miss next season, we are aware that the list goes on and on. Which ones hit you especially hard?

Will we find another show we can love with our whole hearts ever again? We doubt it. So for now we’re going to follow Arrow’s leading lady Emily Bett Rickard’s advice and immediately start a rewatch.

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