Tom Holland Slays On Lip Sync Battle With “Umbrella”

Credit: Spike

Tom Holland may have slayed Lip Sync Battle so hard that it can never be topped.

Granted, I thought the same thing in the Jenna Dewan-Tatum versus Channing Tatum episode that ended in a tie.

But in the most recent episode of the popular Spike show, Tom Holland went against his Spider-Man Homecoming co-star and flawless queen Zendaya. Holland was not here to play.

At all.

Even LL Cool J looked a little stunned. Zendaya was slayed. The audience was going wild.

In the insane viral performance of Rihanna’s “Umbrella”, Holland goes all out with his routine. From a “Singin’ in the Rain” opener to going full drag in the music video costume, it’s an insane couple of minutes.

If Holland’s Peter Parker ever has a dance sequence ala Spider-Man 3, he has some SERIOUS moves to bring to the table. Goddamn Holland you may make that shit look cool instead of incredibly dorky.

Check out the video of Holland’s performance below. I’m sure it will go in the annals of Lip Sync Battle forever and ever. Amen.

Check it out below.

If this superhero thing doesn’t work out, I think Holland can make a great lip sync choreographer.

Bec Heim