The First Trailer For TNT’s The Alienist Is Equal Parts Seductive And Intriguing

Credit: TNT

I’ll be honest here. I know absolutely nothing about Cary Fukunaga’s new drama The Alienist, but it looks intense.

TNT is airing the period drama and I, for one, am interested. The Alienist is set in 1896, smack in the middle of the Gilded Age “amidst the vast wealth, extreme poverty and technological innovation of New York”, or so the synopsis says.

It’s focused around police Sergeant Doyle, played by Michael McCreadie, who asks for the help of Dr. Laszlo Kriezler (Daniel Bruhl), a psychologist who is also known as an alienist. An alienist was someone who was an expert on the mentally ill in the 19th century, which I learedn from the trailer. That definitely seems to be pretty useful information.

New York is being rocked by the gruesome murders of boy prostitutes. McCreadie’s character believes that Kriezler can help solve the case. Dakota Fanning plays a headstrong police secretary named Sara Howard, who also gets pulled into the investigation. Luke Evans rounds out the cast as a character named John More.

The trailer is full of dark intrigue, lush sets and costumes, plus the hints of a Evans/Fanning romance. Anything with Luke Evans and Daniel Bruhl in the cast is good enough reason for me to watch.

The Alienist began life as novel in 1994 by author Caleb Carr. It is the first in his Kriezler series. The series is being billed as an event series. There are two novels to pull inspiration from so perhaps we shall see more in the future. I suppose it all depends on how this initial series pans out.

TNT hasn’t set a premiere date yet and the show is currently still filming in Budapest. You can check out the trailer below! It’s definitely a slow burner but it looks super intense and intriguing.

Shelby Arnold
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Shelby Arnold

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Shelby Arnold
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