The Doctor Challenges The Monks As “A Pyramid At The End Of The World” Appears On Doctor Who

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Hey Whovians!

This week continues what’s been called “The Monks Trilogy”. Last week, the now blinded Doctor was inside the Matrix the entire time. There’s an evil cabal of corpse-like alien monks who used the Matrix to do a dry run for world domination. The Doctor let himself know.

Also it turns out that hey the Doctor was guarding Missy this whole time! He promised to watch over her body for a thousand years. It was a whole thing.

Oh! He’s still blind.

So let’s see how these Monks will do now that their evil plan is coming together.

Previously/Now: We see Bill tell her date about the Matrix while the simulation from last week cuts in. Bill is getting her flirt on mad hard. Penny doesn’t believe it but finds it to be hilarious. The two of them are super adorable when UNIT breaks up the date with the Secretary-General of the UN. He’s looking for the President of Earth aka the Doctor. Sure why not. A pyramid has appeared in a disputed spot between the Chinese, Russians, and the USA. It just appeared in the area where it wasn’t yesterday. In the TARDIS, the Doctor talks about the end of the world while playing his guitar. He’s still keeping up the ruse of not being blind while we see a woman heading to work. She brings coffee with her coworker who had a rough night. She asks if he’s okay mixing Stage Two as she broke her reading glasses this morning. In a lab, she watches plants as one of the Monks watch her. In Turmezistan, the Doctor and convoy approaches the mystery Pyramid.  The Doctor thinks that the Pyramid is a message: “Bring it”. The Doctor decides to bring it alone. Nardole updates the Doctor as he approaches the Pyramid. Inside, the Monks watch as a doorway opens and a Monk heads out. It’s the same spiel: we will take the planet, rule the world. This time, however, the Monk reveals that they will only take over when they are asked. They will only talk again at the end of the world.

11:57pm: Everyone’s phone has gone to 11:57pm. It’s three minutes to midnight, a nod to the Doomsday Clock. Atomic alienation nudges closer. Somehow, somewhere the end has begun. Back to the two people in the lab, I assume the end is beginning with them. Well the Monks at least are thorough planners it seems. A Russian soldier finds himself in the TARDIS with the Secretary-General of the UN, the person in charge of the Chinese Army. The Doctor lays down the rules with them. Right now, this is the weakest moment of human history. With the decision to coordinate their attacks on the pyramid, everyone’s phone moves to two minutes to midnight. Bill approaches Nardole to ask what’s wrong with the Doctor. Bill approaches the Doctor with Nardole’s encouragement, but he doesn’t tell her. A bright light erupts from the Pyramid. In a bomber, the people inside are replaced by the Monks and the plane is lowered gently to the ground with the Monks watching them. They reenter the Pyramid as the crew stumbles out. Demonstration of strength will not help. The Monks declare that they are ready to talk.

Tick…Tick…: The female scientist tells her male colleague that he should take a nap under his desk. He agrees and the plants are being sprayed. The Doctor and company enter the inside of the Pyramid. Bill is unsure about all of this, but the Doctor wants to know about his enemies. Everything has a chance for death after all. The Monks show the Doctor and company how life on Earth will cease by humanity’s own hand. They can read the future by looking at the simulation strands. In order to save the humans, they have to be asked. Humanity will be protected forever. Invite these Monks in and it will be the last free action humanity takes. They show everyone a year into future and it is bleak, everyone sees the deluge of death. Power must consent to their dominion. Now it’s one minute to midnight. The Monks must be wanted and love. Love is slavery and lasts forever. The UN Secretary General consents, but his consent is out of fear. So he dies. The Doctor points out that Earth has been doomed before but he stopped it. In the lab, the male scientist takes off his suit’s helmet. As he does it, all of the plants start to die. They need to solve this. The female scientist leaves. The male scientist grabs a sample in the most unscientific way possible and follows after her.

Invitation: Bill tries to figure out why consent is important to Monks. The Americans, the Chinese, and the Russians make peace with each other. The clock’s hands did not move. In the lab, the two scientists are locking down the lab. Meanwhile, the Doctor figures out that if it’s not war then it will be a plague. It will be a mistake. The Doctor goes to crowdsourcing to figure out what will end the world. In the lab, the male scientist falls over dead. His body turns to goop. The Doctor figures out that it good be biochemical trials using a GM bacteria heading into Stage Two. The Doctor argues with the military bigwigs. They all decide to give the Monks Earth, even Bill agrees with them. The bigwigs leave and the Doctor plans to tell Bill the truth. He realizes, however, that they need to blind them. He sends Bill into the Pyramid while he leaves with Nardole.

End of the World: The female scientist figures out the mistake that the male scientist has made. The Doctor asks Nardole to switch off cameras of all the remaining labs. Whatever is happening is still happening. The Monks are only watching one lab so they just need to know which one got its cameras back. The TARDIS lands and the Doctor sends Nardole away. The female scientist is shocked, but the Doctor just asks for explanations. On the TARDIS, however, Nardole is already sick. The military bigwigs are about to enter the Pyramid, but the Doctor has an idea to blow up the lab. The bacteria make ethanol so it will go up easily. The bigwigs try to consent but it is not pure. They turn to Bill who represents the Doctor and asks if she consents. In the lab, the female scientist wants to know if this will work. Bill, meanwhile, is faced with the monks who want consent and apparently a link will be formed. Ah! The female scientist introduces herself as Erica. Now the Doctor needs to leave ASAP. The Doomsday clock starts to roll back which has the Monks turn to their simulation reader. Due to the emergency protocols, the Doctor is trapped. He can’t open the door because of the lock. With the pressure building up, he tells Bill that he’s blind. Bill is not going to let him die, but she goes to the Monks. He tells Bill not to ask the Monks for help. The Doctor begs for Bill not to do anything. Bill, however, makes a decision and consents. Suddenly, the Doctor can see and opens the door just as the bomb blows. Bill tells the Doctor that he better get the planet back.

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