The 100 Needed To Reconsider “DNR” On Last Week’s Episode

Credit: CW

Well this episode of The 100 was slower than most, and the build up is getting kind of old – but it finally looks like we’re going to get some serious action this week!

Battle Royal: Clarke and the island crew are heading to Polis to check out the bunker – the problem with this plan is Skaikru has broken its alliance with the Ice Nation. You know who is part of the Ice Nation? Roan. This means when the group arrives at the bunker, Trikru soldiers immediately step in to take Roan hostage, but not before Echo and her Ice Nation troops swarm the group. Clarke is pissed about the entire situation because Roan is her friend and they had an agreement. At this point Indra agrees to peaceful talks, but we all know this isn’t going to go well. Indra, Clarke, and Roan attempt to come to terms but this fails because there is no commander to lead them. This gives Clarke the brilliant idea to become the next commander. She goes to Gaia and asks her to perform the ascension. When the ceremony is about to begin, Abby and Roan step in, telling the Grounders that science turned Clarke into a nightblood. Now people are really pissed, but don’t worry they come up with a quick solution – each clan is going to pick a representative to fight in a conclave and the winner gets the bunker.

Farmville: Meanwhile, Illian and Octavia are getting their domesticity on at Illian’s farm. But this doesn’t last long when Ankara comes to recruit Illian for the war. He rejects the proposal immediately because he believes fighting is pointless at the end of the world. I mean, farming is also pointless, but whatever. Although Octavia’s interest is obviously piqued. Later on, Ankara comes back to the farm and finds Octavia alone. Ankara recognizes Octavia as the person who killed her people at Polis and a brawl commences. Octavia takes them all out and Illian arrives to see her covered in blood. She tells Illian, “This is who I am.” I’m actually not mad.

DNR: Back in Arkadia Jaha and the crew are getting ready to leave for the bunker, but Jasper, Harper and the partiers are tired of fighting. The group locks themselves in the Ark ready to face death. Monty attempts to convince Harper to come with them, but she too believes that living in a bunker for five years is no way to live. Bellamy convinces Jaha to not bomb the doors and force the group to the bunker. He tells them that they have a choice and they have made theirs – I love you Bellamy. Jaha concedes and lets the kids go to their own devices. The scene ends with Bellamy saying goodbye to Jasper and Harper, and Monty staying behind to die with his friends. THIS IS NOT OKAY! I repeat NOT.OKAY.

Spacewalker: Back at the island, Murphy, Emori, and Raven are meant to be gathering tech for the bunker. The problem? Raven is hallucinating Becca and is now building a ship to go into space and not return. Emori is worried that the group has left them, but Murphy assures her they are coming back. Raven then breaks down to Murphy telling him that she can lose her legs but not her mind and it is too late for her. She wants to go back to space. Jackson and Miller return to bring Murphy and Emori back to Polis, only to leave Raven behind.

Conclave: Bellamy, Clarke and crew are finally reunited in Polis. Clarke debriefs Bellamy on the situation and how they need to pick a warrior to fight. They know they’re screwed. That is until Octavia comes in on Helios ready for battle. BRING ON THE CONCLAVE.

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