Robert Downey Jr Pops Up With An Iron Man Suit Idea

Credit: Prince Armory

I think we all know that Robert Downey Jr likes to tease his audience. Well at least he’s consistent. Last Friday (May 12) was no exception when he braved the legendary Marvel Snipers and posted on his Facebook page an image of, what could possibly be his new armour.

Then again, with RDJ you always have to be aware that it could be nothing but him having a laugh at everyone’s expense.

In fact we have since discovered that the suit is in fact a piece made by a company called Prince Armory who specialise in “unique custom leather armor, elaborate costumes, props, accessories and general leather products”. They also “create original works and replicas for anime, sci-fi, and fantasy conventions, renaissance festivals, LARP combatants, and for theatre and film”.

So while it may not be for any of the upcoming films, it has certainly got the internet buzzing with theories.

It’s easy to see why. With the images we have seen, and the knowledge of Marvel story arc’s, it’s no surprise that the Avengers will head off in to the galactiverse during Avengers: Infinity War. We know they will be pitted against Thanos to save the entire Universe from destruction.

So while we can assume that Tony Stark will need another new suit, if not several, we doubt that it will be anything like this elaborate and beautifully crafted piece of work.

But who knows, perhaps now Downey Jnr has shone the spotlight on the creations, they might be picked up and used within the Marvel Cinematic Universe at a later date. They already have some amazing well known character conversions, including a beautiful and intricate “Medieval Loki”, as well as several DC characters.
Credit: Prince Armory
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