HVFF London 2017: Maisie Richardson-Sellers And Brandon Routh Tease What’s Next For DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

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To round up last weekend’s Arrowverse panels Brandon Routh and Maisie Richardson-Sellers took the stage to represent DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Both actors felt that with season two, Legends has found its footing. Brandon said he was afraid about a “sophomore slump”, but was happy to see they found “the true tone of the show” instead.

For Maisie it was quite a smooth transition joining the rest of the cast this year, particularly because it was difficult for her character Amaya (who is from the 1940s) to navigate this new life she has found.

Regarding the many deaths we have experienced on Legends, whether they would stick or not, Brandon said that he wasn’t too nervous about his, because he knew he wasn’t really gone.

“Otherwise that would have been very dramatic and emotional”, he adds. Maisie on the other hand is ready to face Amaya’s killer Captain Cold. “He better come back, there’s a serious chat to be had”.

Speaking of the future, Brandon and Maisie also teased what we might see next season. One big thing, of course, are the dinosaurs. The Legends have put themselves in a tricky situation, and we’re sure they’ll explore that further.

“I certainly love the relationship that’s developed between Ray and Gertrude,” joked Brandon. He would love to shrink her, tame her, and bring her on the ship.

Ffilming the scenes with Ddnosaurs isn’t always easy.

“When we’re filming it’s just a man holding a long stick with a green ball on the end,” said Maisie. “So you’re having this really emotional conversation with a stick. Seeing that come to life is amazing. Anything is possible.”

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They both formally announced that they would be back next season, which we couldn’t be happier about. Maisie confirmed that Amaya wouldn’t return to 1940 just yet. There’s likely new characters popping up as well. “

With our show there are always people coming and going, so I think you can expect new faces to populate the show from time to time”, he said.

Brandon also teased that Rip (Arthur Darvill) will be around for season three. He also gave an answer to the rumor that he would be back as the leader of the Time Masters.

“There’s some semblance of truth to that” he said. “It’s not time masters as we know them, but some kind of different formation or an entity that is like the time masters.”

They further gave away that next season will, once again, have one big crossover event.

“There’ll definitely be a crossover next season”, said Brandon. “And it’s going to be all four [DC shows], so it’s going to be even bigger … The intention is to have Supergirl, not Kara herself, but the actual show, more involved this season.”

Brandon and Maisie also discussed their different wardrobes on the show in great detail. Brandon’s character Ray loves to dress up for every occasion. The actor himself favoured his outfits in the Camelot episode.

“I dress up for a living, so it’s just another change of clothes”, he said. “But the couple of costumes I did get to go into were awesome. The Camelot one was my favorite, because that genre is something I’ve been wanting to do.”

He added that the worst outfit he had to wear were the British soldier costumes from the finale, as his boots were too small and wouldn’t properly fit.

A young fan asked them what their very favorite time periods were.

While Brandon was once again quick to say that he loved the Camelot period, Maisie said she’d be interested in doing something with the Ancient Greece.

“I really wanna see Brandon in a toga,” she joked.

What would Legends be without a little bit of romance? Maisie enjoys Nate and Amaya’s relationship, but also says that she was pleasantly surprised by the fans’ reaction to Amaya and Mick.

”I [as Amaya] really see him as a flawed, but very loving individual. I see the goodness inside him, even up until the very, very, end”, she said. “I’d like to see that relationship really develop.”

She did a quick show of hands, but the audience was split into team Rory and team Nate.

“I think the romantic love of DC seems to be quite doomed in general, so I’m wondering whether we can challenge that and have some fun”, Maisie said. “Being stuck on the ship is not the best thing for great romance, so I’m not sure what’s going to happen next season. But I think it’s going to be very interesting, especially if we get some more characters.”

Ray on the other hand seems to have a really bad time with romance. Brandon hopes that Ray will change soon.

“The most successful relationship he had so far, to me, was with Felicity”, he said. “Because that was more of a real world relationship. They had the most in common.”

Brandon would also love to explore the relationship between Ray and his late fiancé Anna, and said that “there’s always been talk” about showing the day she died.

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