HVFF London 2017: John Barrowman Kicks Off Heroes And Villains Fan Fest With A Bang!

Credit: 4YE/Anna Hattingen

No convention is a real convention without John Barrowman being part of it. He is a true entertainer and knows exactly how to play with the audience to keep their attention and so that everyone at the panel has a fun one hour and one that everyone will remember for a long time.

The actor was probably the best choice to kick off the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest this weekend (May 27-28) in London. Everyone who has witnessed a John Barrowman panel before or has seen footage of one knows exactly why that is the case. If you are one of those few who have never seen a video or a picture of one of his panels before, then you just have to take a look at how John entered the stage and you know why he was the perfect reason to open the convention.

Of course, a panel lives from questions from the fans and it wasn’t any different for John Barrowman’s panel. He was really great about answering lots of questions that not only regarded Arrow and Doctor Who but also Torchwood and some anecdotes of his life and some behind the scenes moments.

After a few (a lot) laughter, the first question wasn’t a proper question but more of a request: John should sing a song for us and he does not do so right away but later on.

He really can’t take his eyes off of you.

The first proper question, however, almost gave away a few spoilers for the mostly European audience who hasn’t seen the season finale of Arrow yet. John, nevertheless, still answered the question how he would have written Malcolm out of the show if he could have written the script.

His answer is one you only expect from John Barrowman and it might not be PG, so beware.

“Having sex with Oliver Queen on a salmon ladder.” I leave you to your own imagination now…

There were also very young fans among the audience and when a little Captain Jack wanted to ask his question, John promptly asked him to come up on stage and chatted along with him for a little bit and the audience got to know that if a Torchwood movie was ever going to be made, John would love to fight Cyberman in it.

Credit: 4YE/Anna Hattingen

However, there is one question he does not like to answer and that is if he would rather play a villain or a hero, so no one would see him as either one. So don’t. But he admits that it was easy and fun to be bad for once when he took on the role of Malcolm Merlyn.

John also imagines Malcolm’s life in the earth two and references his answer to the universe that the spear of destiny created in the last season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, where he had everything back that he had before: his hand, his wealth, his power. Though most importantly, he doesn’t want to be hiding in the shadows anymore.

Another plotline he imagines, if he wrote the script for the next season of Arrow, is something that allows Malcolm not to hide anymore. He could go to jail and serve his time for all the bad things he has done (we’re still crying over you, Tommy!). But after that Malcolm could come back to Starling City to help Oliver.

And if you ever happen to be at one of his future panels and want to ask him a question, ask about something he likes and/or his hobbies. He likes those kinds of questions.

Credit: 4YE/Anna Hattingen

In addition, John really likes to talk about the shows he is in, particularly about behind the scenes fun that the audience usually does not witness, unless one of the actors shares it. In the course of that, he admits that he loves to prank David Ramsey and Stephen Amell. He took that as a reason to tell the story of how he farted on the Arrow set. According to him, his farts do not smell and in the story, Stephen Amell dared him to “fart in [his] mouth and prove it”. Now, who doesn’t wish he/she had been at the set to see that? And in case you were wondering, not even that could embarrass John Barrowman!

Something else we all would love to see is Captain Jack and River Song unite on our screens and it is actually something Alex Kingston and John would love to do as well. He thinks that there would be a tension through the episode between the two characters. He especially would like to see how River got Jack’s vortex manipulator and how that then got into the box in the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who, which really is a good question to answer! Hopefully, we will get to see an answer to it one day.

Another thing he shared with the audience was that he loved the twist of Captain Jack becoming the Face of Bo. This was something David Tennant also loved and he couldn’t wait to see what John thought about it after he read the script, according to Barrowman.

And if you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re at a pub quiz with John, he will make sure that he has Captain America, David Tennant as Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith by his side.

At the panel, he also explains why Stephen jumped out of a cake at John’s 50th birthday party. Apparently, before he had joined the show, the two had talked about it (in case Arrow would run that long) and how John always spent his birthday on the set of Doctor Who, Torchwood and in that case Arrow. So, Stephen promised him that if he were to come to John’s 50th birthday party, he’d jump out of a cake in a speedo. And it was the most awesome sight John has ever seen in his life! We also appreciated the sight.

He also shared the thing he loves most about what he does:

Another more personal thing he shares is that he would have loved to work with Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee. The latter was his first Doctor as a kid and it is one of the reasons why he would have loved to work with him. He’d also love to work with David Tennant again, which we all would love, to be honest.

At the end, he also shared the stage with a younger fan again, who wanted to know if he was going to write more books and because John does, the young fan promised to read his books once she had finished reading Harry Potter.

Before he walked off stage, he paid tribute to the victims of the Manchester attacks and how good it was to see so many people at the Fan Fest living their lives like they are supposed to.

Anna Hattingen