HVFF London 2017: Hayley Atwell And Stanley Tucci Seize The Stage For Some Marvel Talk

Credit: 4YE/Anna Hattingen

The HVFF is usually very dominated by the DC Universe and a lot of actors and fans find their way to it because of it. However, the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in London also had the pleasure to have a few Marvel actors and so the lovely Hayley Atwell and the great Stanley Tucci were able to join us on the second day of the convention (May 28) for a little bit of Marvel talk.

But of course, the panel didn’t only include questions regarding Captain America and Agent Carter, but the two actors also discussed costumes and movies in general.

Even though it was only Tucci’s second convention ever, after Atwell introduced him to the world of conventions in Philadelphia where they had attended one together, he still managed to do a good job and made a lasting impression on everyone. Maybe he learned a bit or two from Caesar Flickerman? And as he reveals, it is not just exciting for the fans to meet their heroes, but it is just as exciting for them as well, which really is reassuring.

They also spilled a little bit on what they like to watch and their answer was equally surprising as it was hilarious. Apparently, Tucci loves to watch food channels, though weirdly enough, Atwell loves to watch Tucci cook – just kidding of course. Although, we would love to watch Tucci cook as well!

Atwell also revealed how it was possible for Steve Rogers not to look like Chris Evans pre-serum but very much so afterward… It wasn’t a magical serum that made that possible, but just simply CGI, which is still pretty cool, given how much work went into it and the fact that they put Evans’s head on another man.

However, the two very much enjoyed working with Evans. Even though Tucci was a little insulted that he was cast as a 70-year-old man, he still took the job because he loved the project. He also didn’t have to audition properly for it, because he’s a legend, which was repeated multiple times throughout the panel, but Atwell had to properly audition and we’re glad she got the part in the end.

Tucci also shared that he had based the German accent he chose to go with for Dr. Abraham Erskine on the German author Günther Gras and the way he talked. However, he also used sample recordings that were sent to him by voice coaches. And we can all agree that the end result was perfect for the character.

In addition, the two revealed that Evans is the king of games at parties. Something all of us would love to confirm one day. Who wouldn’t love to play Charades with Chris?

“Someone who has a lot of confidence and very little skill” is how Atwell described her fighting abilities and admitted that quite a few stunt men were hurt in the making of Agent Carter. Something we would have never guessed, as she looks stunning while punching someone in the face. “It’s a great feeling to get that energy out in the morning. It really wakes you up,” which we can relate to, especially if it is a Monday morning, am I right?

Credit: 4YE/Anna Hattingen

Atwell never expected to appear as Peggy Carter so many times and certainly didn’t think she’d get her own spinoff with Agent Carter. “Peggy is a gift that keeps on giving” and we couldn’t agree more. Hopefully, we haven’t seen the end of Peggy yet, even though we know when she will die and the show got canceled. However, Atwell is still up for a third season of the show, which she thinks would have explored her family more and would have shown where she came from, as her brother already made an appearance in the second season and sort of introduced that possible storyline.

Atwell adds that she would have loved to see more of Peggy’s and Jarvis’s relationship, as well as see Peggy through the different ages and is sure that she’d be right there in the Civil Rights Movement and other protests (and so are we!).

Even before that, however, she thinks that Steve and Peggy might have ended up together if Steve wouldn’t have gotten frozen in the first place. So, she might have gotten her happy end with a different man than she did at the end of season two.

Atwell also had to admit that she hasn’t seen Captain America: Civil War yet and thus doesn’t know what Peggy’s role had been in Sharon’s life. Though maybe we will get to explore that a bit more in the next Captain America movie?

There were also a few moments that took longer to shoot than others, Atwell explained, which happened in both the show and the movie. This was primarily because the show was a little more intense, there were more scenes that took longer to film compared to the movie, at least for her.

Atwell did reveal that Peggy isn’t her favorite character she has played so far. That honour goes to the one she has just wrapped. In Howards End, she will play Margaret Schlegel, a role previously played by Emma Thompson who won an Oscar for her performance, so she got a few tips from her. Atwell also just loved the writing of the novel and we cannot wait to see her as Margaret. However, she disappointed a few fans when she said that she wouldn’t want to play the first female Doctor, which really is a little disappointing, but she has someone else in mind who would make a good female Doctor in her opinion and who knows, maybe we will get to see Phoebe Waller-Bridge as the Doctor and will agree with Atwell on that one.

Tucci’s favorite role was Nigel in The Devil Wears Prada, but he also enjoyed playing Caesar Flickerman in the Hunger Games trilogy. The latter especially was fun to play, as he was so extreme. However, wearing the costumes wasn’t as fun, as they restricted him quite a bit. But at least he looked fabulous, right?

Though even Peggy Carter’s costumes weren’t as comfortable as they looked, she rather enjoyed wearing the white suit pants that she could actually move in. The actress furthermore revealed a little fun fact and told the audience that she went to get her driver’s license picture done in full Peggy Carter costume, which really is awesome and we wish we could see that picture!

Both of them agree though that they’d go back in the past when it comes to doing movies. Atwell also would love to go back to the 80s and have big Madonna hair. Tucci, on the other hand, would love to go even further back, to anywhere between the 1920s and 1940s and put on a tuxedo at 6pm for “no reason”. Maybe he should have been cast for a role in Downton Abbey?

And in case you were wondering, Atwell doesn’t choose her roles by considering which role would make the most impact on the audience, as the actor doesn’t really have any control over what affects the audience and what does not, so it wouldn’t make much sense. Additionally, she believes that the audience is responsible for all of the kickass female characters we currently see emerging on our TV screens, as these women are what a lot of people want to see.

Tucci admitted that he had fun shooting Feud, even though the show was quite intense, but the rest of the cast and crew made up for it. However, his hardest role to play was the one of George Harvey in The Lovely Bones and it was, in fact, the hardest thing he has ever had to do. That wasn’t due to him being the evil one, but because the role had to be very realistic, as evil comes from a real place. He doesn’t enjoy seeing a movie or being part of one that shows children getting harmed, nevertheless, he believes that The Lovely Bones is a necessary movie and very well written. He will never do it again, though, because it took a lot from him.

And because HVFF is dominated by the DC Universe, there was also a question regarding that with the audience wanted to know which characters they would love to play in the DC Universe. Atwell promptly replied with “Batwoman,” which got a few laughs from everyone, as it is of course Batgirl. Tucci would love to pay Sergeant Rock, as he grew up with the character and read the comics about him.

The last question was a little odd, yet still fitting, as both characters have died in the MCU and the audience wanted to know what their characters’ tombstones would say. Dr. Abraham Erskine’s would read “He was a good man”, while Peggy’s would read “She knew her value.” Both sentences that fit the characters perfectly.

Anna Hattingen


  1. First….Thank you so much for this entire description of Hayley and Stanley’s panel, as there is no complete video available yet.

    Second…There is a Batwoman DC character, aka, Kate Kane : ) Google her. Hayley could definitely play her.

    Third…There is a photo of Hayley’s driver’s license she posted, at the time, on Twitter.
    Check here…..

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Laura,

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading the report about their panel!
      and I actually didn’t know there was a Batwoman character…it sounded much like she actually meant Batgirl but I might be mistaken there, so who knows ^^
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