HVFF London 2017: Emily Bett Rickards, Katie Cassidy, And Josh Segarra Talk Arrow Highlights And Future Wishes

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After Arrow’s leading man took the stage, it was time for his co-stars to chat to the fans. Katie Cassidy, Josh Segarra, and Emily Bett Rickards joined the audience in the second largest panel of the day.

To start the panel off right the three were praised for a brilliant season, and a great finale, before they were asked to name their own highlights of this year. Emily said she was very excited for Katie to come back, and having Josh Segarra join them.

“I’ve been fans of both of them before they started the show”, she admits. “I’m kinda just living the dream.”

She shared that the first time she met him she freaked out and told him she was a huge fan.

Josh only answered with his own praise for Emily: “She is as cool as you guys think she is”.

For Josh it was a similar experience, he really liked the show before he started, and coming on board was a dream come true for him. “As a little boy, I’m living out my dream. I go to work and wear a mask and a spandex suit and I get to play with swords and ninja stars.”

The three of them got to talk a bit more about the difference between playing a hero and a villain. Katie says she loved playing Laurel, she has been with that character for four years, but being Black Siren now is refreshing. Segarra thinks that there’s no clear distinction between good and bad.

“You can’t play a villain like a villain”, so Josh. “I don’t think Chase is a bad guy, I think he’s a misunderstood guy. He’s lonely, and I think that he really likes Oliver a whole lot.”

He also told audiences to go back to one of the first scenes he shares with Stephen, where they discuss that Oliver slept with Adrian’s girlfriend and the other man doesn’t hold a grudge.

“You go back and watch that scene, and that whole scene is very different now.”

He also wanted to make clear that playing a villain opposite Stephen Amell was no easy task.

“Stephen let me kick his butt a little bit. Because in real life, that would be a very quick fight, and I would not be here today. There’s nobody stronger, bigger, and faster than that cat”.

Take a look at his hilarious answer below:

Katie spoke quite a bit about her return to Arrow, and how much she loves playing a villain.

“It’s so much fun”, she said. But her return wasn’t always the plan. “I’ve been asked to leave, I didn’t necessarily want to, but I understand [the decision] from a producing standpoint, and from a writing standpoint.”

After they had shot her death scene the producers approached her and asked her if she’d be interested in coming back in the future, something she will always be open for.

“I believed in this show since day one … and as sad as I was, I will always believe in the show.”

Both Josh and Emily expressed their love for Katie, saying how great it is to work with her.

“There’s no one else that can fill your spot”, said Emily.

Katie herself says that the relationships she’s built over the years on Arrow are a big part of why she loves her job. “It’s all of us, when we shoot, we’re a team, and we’re a family”, she said. “We get to meet incredible people and start life-long friendships with those people. We’re truly blessed”.

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Katie would be really interested in looking into Black Siren’s dynamic with Sara Lance. She really enjoyed her work with Paul Blackthorne this season, because their dynamic was completely changed.

“That’s what’s so fun about this character,” said Katie. ”It confuses us because we are so used to playing this father-daughter relationship and now it totally throws him, but as an actor that is an important quality to have.”

She hopes that seeing these different relationships that Black Siren has in comparison to Laurel will be something they can explore next season.

Katie was further asked about how she feels seeing Dinah taking on the Black Canary mantle now, after Laurel herself took over for Sara. Katie said she fully supports strong women in any kind, and it was Laurel’s wish to have someone follow in her footsteps. She also has nothing but praise to say about actress Juliana Harkavy. “

Juliana is so sweet, and so kind, and such a hard worker,” said Katie. “In the short time I spent with her I was more than happy that she gets to fulfill those shoes”.

Emily got to talk a bit about her character as well, especially the yet-to-be-named superhero she portrayed on Legends of Tomorrow. While Emily loved jumping into the costume, and enjoyed playing this edgy character, she thinks that this version of Felicity is something that should stay in another reality.

“I don’t think [Earth 1] Felicity should be a superhero, she’s already a hero in her own sense.”

Emily was further asked about Felicity’s character development this year, to becoming “more of a badass”, and her involvement with Helix. Emily loved working with Kacey Rohl (Alena) again, and they worked together before on Emily’s first film when she was only 19. She agreed that the Helix story was left open-ended and thinks there will be more to come regarding the Hacker organisation.

One fan was particularly interested in what would happen with Felicity’s very own Smoak Industries. As we’ve seen it on Legends of Tomorrow, it has to happen eventually.

“It has been solidified,” said Emily.

She also stated that it isn’t something they are rushing in at this point, but something they can take their time establishing, which she likes.

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