Guardians News Inferno: Vin Diesel On Voicing Baby Groot, Walkman Mania, And Ayesha’s Return

When Groot made his grand sacrifice in GOTG there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Ultra-cute Baby Groot’s appearance at the end of the film, and his Guardians-uniting ‘We are Groot’ line paved the way for a starring role in GOTG2.

Now Vin Diesel has spoken about voicing Baby Groot in an exclusive video interview (above) for Entertainment Tonight, reported in

Surprisingly, Vin’s instantly recognisable deep voice didn’t need much processing to give us Baby Groot’s squeaky high pitched tones. It turns out that from childhood Diesel has enjoyed practising cartoon voices. Apart from entertaining his kids, it has stood him in good stead for his turn as the voice of Baby Groot.

Credit: Sony

Meanwhile, if you happen to have one of Star Lord’s Sony Walkman TPS-L2s lying about at home, you should probably consider listing it on eBay, especially if it happens to be in working order.

They first appeared in Japan in 1979 and followed up in US in1980, often attached to joggers. The success of GOTG and GOTG2 has sent demand for the vintage units through the roof.

Working models have been selling on auction sites for upwards of a thousand dollars, Hollywood Reporter have found.  If you have a pair of the matching MDR-3L2 headphones available, you may be interested to learn there is a mint-condition orange set up for $250.

Sony haven’t revealed whether they might consider resurrecting the cassette players, but you can still buy audio cassettes. Maybe Guardians fans without the high-hundreds of dollars to spare for original units should be keeping an eye out for Sony’s summer offerings.

In other Guardiansnews, writer/director James Gunn has revealed in an IGN video interview that he fully plans to bring back Elizabeth Debicki’s Sovereign character Ayesha for the planned Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. 

The third installment will be set more than four years after the events of GOTG Vol 2. Gunn has also hinted in a Facebook message to fans that the next installment might be here as early as 2020.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is currently packing out the cinemas, taking $145m over it’s opening weekend in US.

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