Claire Foy And Matt Smith Open Up About The Crown Season 2

Credit: Jordan Strauss/AP

Even though the second season of the very popular Netflix show The Crown is still far away, everyone still greatly anticipates the upcoming season.

So obviously, we all want to know how what our favorite royal couple will be up to in the second season. Luckily, Claire Foy and Matt Smith, who portray Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, shared a little bit about how Elizabeth’s and Philip’s relationship will look like in the upcoming season without giving too much away. After all, we’ve seen it take a rather bad turn in season one already and we also have been on Wikipedia to read all about it too (don’t deny it).

Claire Foy reveals that their marriage problems won’t be beautified.

“They’ve been together for ten years, they’ve had two children and it’s about going and assessing the situation. It’s not going to be a rose-tinted view of marriage.”

The new decade of their marriage will be explored in the second season, as well as a new era for the United Kingdom too, as the 1960s brought along sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll to the country, “and that’s not what you really associate with ‘the royal family.

“There’s an edge to the dynamic between them. We’re entering the sixties and the world is changing around them in quite significant ways,” Matt Smith adds.

He also explains that being part of the royal family means that they have to adapt to the change in their private sphere so that they still keep the same image on the outside but still adapt.

“Like always with the royal family, they’re having to adapt but they’re having to do it away from the public.”

However, the second season is not only about their marriage and how the dynamic between them changes. We will also get to see a bit more of Prince Philip and his life before he had married the then Princess Elizabeth.

“We meet [Prince Philip] when he’s young and we learn about his history,” Smith reveals. “I think it’s actually really tragic what he went through as a child and I think that will shock some people. It wasn’t easy, he didn’t have an easy life.”

He had to adapt to a lot of changes in his young life, which fits in with the theme of change in the upcoming season of Netflix’s popular show.

Foy sums up the theme of the second season by explaining that “it’s very much about the outside world encroaching on the royal family and how they’re all coping with it and about change and about how you cope with change.”

Season two of The Crown is expected to premiere later this year on Netflix and until then we can binge season one again and google what significant events might have had an impact on the royal couple.

Anna Hattingen