Beauty And The Beast Deleted Scenes Ramp Up Excitement For DVD Release

Credit: Disney

There are at least eight deleted scenes which will be featured on the DVD release of Beauty and the Beast on June 6th and many of them have already made their way onto the internet much to the excitement of fans and audiences alike. Not every single one of them has been revealed, but apparently there are two rather interesting ones involving LeFou and a Mr. Toilette? I’m not sure about those, honestly, but the ones that have been released add depth to the characters of Belle and the Beast and they show just how conceited and arrogant Gaston really was.

The first deleted scene that has been released is an alternate version of the “Days in the Sun” number that showed the death of the Beast’s mother, the viciousness of his father, and the yearning of the castle’s inhabitants to return to being human. The number replaced “Human Again” from the original 1991 animated film (which, in itself, was only re-introduced in the platinum edition of the film in the early 2000s).

Unfortunately, “Days in the Sun” had to be reshot because it confused test audiences when Bill Condon first showed the film. In the introduction of the scene, Condon explains that the song had to be retooled because of a “mistake” on his part. “We reshot this because of a mistake I made…[The audience] thought Harriet [Jones, the Beast’s mother] was actually Hattie Morahan who plays Agathe the Enchantress.” As a result, the production team had to put Jones in a dark wig and they reshot her already dead in bed which resulted in the young Prince being recast for a singing role.

It’s a shame that they had to redo this scene because it really gives the audience another facet to the Prince and the Beast as a result but, in the end, I think it was a good idea. Jones has a great voice, that isn’t my quibble, but I think the number in the film is a much stronger affair than this is, despite what it gives the Beast in terms of characterization.

What wasn’t a good idea was cutting this part of “Days in the Sun”. Yes, the Beast actually sings the song in this clip which hasn’t been officially released but it’s safe to say that it’s an extension of the above clip. We can thank Laesmereldadisney on Instagram for this beauty. Anything with Dan Stevens singing is a treasure to the ears that needs to be experienced and this is no exception.

Another clip that has been released recently is a scene where Gaston tries to woo Belle following the washing machine incident which, apparently, was supposed to happen much earlier in the film after the opening “Belle” number. It shows Gaston “saving the day” on Belle’s behalf but we all know that he used the incident for his own gain as is obvious by him ignoring her and drawing attention back on himself. The man never learns.

One final scene which has been released is a short 22 second scene that takes place during the opening “Belle” number. As an audience, we know that Belle is extremely kind and caring but she shows this virtue to the person who matters most and, honestly, this clip should’ve remained in the film. In it, Belle breaks from the village to give Agathe bread and jam. This small exchange could explain why Agathe, who has remained detached from the other villagers, was so quick to help Maurice in the forest after Gaston left him there to die.

In all, in my humble opinion, these scenes should’ve remained in the film, especially the one of Dan singing “Days in the Sun” which has quickly become my favorite song behind “Evermore”. But, I understand the need to eliminate confusion. Here’s to hoping that the DVD will include more than the eight deleted scenes listed because, in the spirit of more Dan, I need the Prince emerging from a bed of rose petals, shirtless, following the final transformation scene. Make it happen, Disney! Make it happen.

Beauty and the Beast will be released on Disney Digital HD and DVD and Blu-Ray on June 6th.

Shelby Arnold
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