Barry Loses His Memories In “Cause And Effect” On This Week’s Episode Of The Flash

Credit: The CW

Hey Flash fans!

So we learned the identity of Savitar last week. And it was Barry. For most fans, I could think of a less non-surprise. Especially since Savitar Barry has seemed to have gone all Phantom of the Opera on his face.

God, could he be more pretentious? Or boring? Man, I thought if Barry went evil then he would at least be a cool supervillain. (Sorry I just don’t like Savitar.) But Barry is going to have to fight his insane psycho version of himself.

So that should be fun.

What would be fun is that Cecile and Joe are honest now and HR has a crush on Tracy.

Let’s see how the team reacts, shall we?

Scarred: Evil Barry turns out to be a time remnant that lived through the destruction of Savitar. Barry and co of the future shunned him because he wasn’t the “real” Barry. And now he’s making sure that he will be created by Barry. Iris will die and something else will happen. Before Evil Barry gets into the suit, Barry attacks him. But the suit is automated and the two speedsters fight. Cisco figures out that Evil Barry is all of Barry’s worst parts. The whole creation of Savitar is a chicken and an egg scenario. Wally, however, wants to know why Evil Barry wants to kill Iris and hurt them all. HR goes to check on Tracy. Wally poses another question: how are they going to stop him? In the Speed Lab, Barry tells Iris about his broken self. He’s seen the pain in his duplicate’s eyes. Barry admits that he has a capacity for evil, from loss, from losing Iris. Iris promises that Barry is not alone and his duplicate is not a god. Barry’s more scared of what he needs to become to stop himself. Cisco runs in with an idea! He wants to stop Barry from making new memories. They want to disrupt Barry’s ability to make new memories so Savitar can’t remember what happens next. Joe is a little concerned because Caitlin was the brain expert. Cisco activates the machine. It seems to go well, but no. Barry doesn’t remember anything. Way to go, Cisco and Julian.

Forgotten: Barry freaks out about being in a lab and why he can’t remember the name. He’s about to bolt when Iris shows him photos. She promises Barry that he can trust them. In the other room, everyone minus Barry and Wally are freaking out over what to do. Barry doesn’t even remember that he has super speed. Joe gets a call from Cecile because she needs to talk with Barry. Which spells disaster. In her lab, Tracy is having issues with her Speedforce Bazooka. HR is here to calm her down and provide inspiration. The two of them are seriously adorable. I ship it so hard. They’re about to kiss but HR chickens out. At the CCPD, Cecile learns that Barry cannot testify in an arson case. And Joe goes to try to delay things with Cecile. Left alone with Iris, Barry apologizes thinking this is all his fault. Iris decides to not tell Barry about the whole Savitar situation. Meanwhile Killer Frost talks with Savitar, who has also lost his memory. Well that sucks.

All Of This Is Bad: Iris shows Barry how incredibly nerdy he was in high school. It looks like this memory-less Barry is making Iris happy. He’s not carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Even without his memory, Barry is still totally taken with Iris. He needs to go to the courthouse. Oh that’s not good at all. Julian and Cisco bring Barry some special glasses. What follows is SO AWKWARD. Barry has no idea what’s going on. He’s using some special glasses. God this is just…wow. Couldn’t they say he was dying of the flu or something? Barry’s sweat, however, gets the glasses wet. And they short out. Barry has to wing it. It’s terrible winging. Why is he not faking sick? The case gets dismissed. At STAR Labs, they find Killer Frost and that Wally has lost his speed. She has a plan to get memories back. Barry is impressed by the apartment. Iris lies about how his parents died, saying that they died peacefully. The two of them share a quick kiss that deepens. That gives Barry a jolt to get his powers back.

Electric: Barry is so happy about his powers. Killer Frost offers them a choice: let her help or things will get worse. After all without the Flashes, will Central City be safe? HR goes to visit Tracy and there’s more adorable awkward flirting. The two of finally kiss. Ship sealed. The kiss also jumpstarts Tracy’s brain and she is inspired. Killer Frost starts helping Julian and Cisco. Cisco tries engaging Killer Frost in a game of remember when by telling Julian a story about him, Caitlin, and Ronnie. Which Killer Frost remembers. He tells Killer Frost that in every memory he cherishes most: she’s there. Joe and Iris watch Barry run around, who is so happy. Joe wonders if Iris even wants Barry’s memory restored. Joe points out that this is not Barry Allen. He’s defined by all of his life. Iris wonders if the city even needs the flash. Meanwhile, the recently freed arsonist goes to attack an office.

The Flash: Joe and Iris tell Barry about his Flash identity, which Barry thinks is cool. When he learns about the burning office building, Barry has to help. They have an untested device to help Barry and send an electroshock through his brain to help. But they need a visceral memory to spark his brain. Iris tells Barry about the night they came to live with the West family. She found Barry crying alone and he cried in her lap. She thinks that was the night that they fell in love. For every bad memory Barry has, there is a good one. It sparks his memories and the Flash returns. Barry and Savitar regain their memories. It allows Wally to regain his powers. He and Barry run around to put out the fire. They also capture the arsonist. Barry tells Wally that saving the day is like riding a bike. In the Cortex, Barry proves he’s got his memories back. Killer Frost goes to leave. Julian confesses that he loves her, but Killer Frost says that she doesn’t love any of them. And then she leaves. Barry tells Iris that he’s scared Caitlin is too far gone. Iris tells Barry that she did like seeing him free and happy. Barry tells her that Flashpoint was that for him. But pain and darkness is a part of it. Iris and Barry share a kiss as HR walks in on them. Tracy has something ready for them: the Speedforce Bazooka. Unfortunately, however, it needs a lot of juice. The thing that can power it? It’s guarded by King Shark.

Bec Heim