2017 Upfronts: The CW Drops New Series Trailers – What Shows Will You Be Watching?

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Well another year, another Upfronts.

Yesterday, the CW closed out the big network presentations. (I think there may be some cable stuff today?) The fall schedule definitely moved some mainstays from their home sweet homes. You can read about those here.

But let’s talk trailers, shall we?

The CW is expanding its DC slate (although not the Arrowverse which seems weird) and revives a classic nighttime soap for a new generation. Plus we have a military drama and a dramedy for those not into their soaps or superheroes.

But first the Dynasty reboot. This will focus on the lives of the Carringtons and the Colbys, America’s richest families, as they feud for money and control over their children.

If you like this whole rich people behaving badly kind of stuff? Then you should like this just fine.

Rounding out the new fall shows is the military drama Valor. It centers on the relationships on a U.S. Army base that houses an elite unit of helicopter pilots trained to perform clandestine international and domestic missions. We focus on two pilots who have a secret following a botched mission.

Not my thing, but it’s definitely an interesting direction for the CW.

Now onto the midseason shows!

First up is Life Sentence which stars Lucy Hale as a young woman who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Except it turns out not to be terminal. So now she has to live with the things she did as she “lived like she was dying”.

It’s a surprisingly cute show. I’m willing to bet that its going to be paired with Jane the Virgin or something similar when it airs.

We round out the look at CW’s newest shows with the one I’ve been waiting for the most: Black Lightning. It is, apparently, not part of the Arrowverse, which seems weird if you ask me, but whatever I’m still super excited.

The series follows former superhero Jefferson Pierce who hung up his suit years ago. Now with one daughter hell-bent on revenge and the other being recruited by a local gang, Jefferson is putting the suit back on as wanted vigilante and legend Black Lightning.

Hell yeah. Do I even need to say how goddamn good this looks? It looks freaking amazing. And I really do find it refreshing that we have a retired hero returning to heroing rather than it being a newbie.

Also Cress Williams? Have my heart.


Bec Heim

Bec Heim

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