WonderCon 2017: Details On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s First Episode In The Framework (Spoilers!)

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There’s no question Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. dominated WonderCon on Saturday (April 1). The too-small room was at capacity before the panel even began and a line of fans was still anxiously waiting outside. Jeph Loeb and a full panel of cast and crew were on hand to introduce us to the Agents of HYDRA, as the show’s current arc has rebranded the team. Clark Gregg even gave the audience permission to chant HYDRA, but just this one time.

As the cast assembled on stage, Ming-Na Wen was brought over in a wheelchair. It wasn’t an April Fool’s joke. The actress recently injured her leg but we weren’t given any further details. She did, however, joke that the leg was bionic and she was really an LMD.

The obligatory Defenders/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. question was asked and sidestepped by Loeb. No matter how much fans want all of Marvel’s shows to intersect, there’s no word it’ll ever happen. We did get a nice surprise when Brett Dalton showed up on stage. No matter how many times he’s killed off on the show, there’s always a warm fan reception waiting to welcome him back. A not so nice surprise: there’s no confirmation on a season 5 for the show. Though if the crowd at WonderCon is any sign, fans are absolutely clamoring for another season.

The panel was rather short because the audience was treated to the full episode that’s set to air on Tuesday (April 4). If you can’t wait until then to find out what life is like in the Framework here are some spoilers:

  • Daisy and Ward are together, though she’s only known as Skye. She’d asked him to move in with her, but he turned her down.
  • When Simmons finds out about the Daisy and Ward relationship, she dryly comments the Framework is “hell.”
  • The rumors that Daisy is May’s daughter in the Framework are unconfirmed. All we saw was May being a hard ass and Daisy failing to live up to expectations.
  • Simmons was totally dead but now she isn’t! HYDRA killed her along with a bunch of others from the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy and buried her in a mass grave.
  • Daisy looks up Lincoln in the HYDRA database and saw he was taken in because he’s an Inhuman. He seems to be alive but no word on where. Of course, he’s also not real, as she has to remind herself.
  • Coulson is adorable as a teacher but is lacking his usual moral center. When HYDRA comes to take one of his students, he doesn’t protest.
  • There are hints his mind isn’t totally gone. When Jemma mentions TAHITI, Coulson gets panicky. He’s got a folder of things like a TAHITI postcard and an image of a Lola-like car.
  • The exit strategy Daisy and Simmons programmed in with them doesn’t work so they’re stuck in the Framework.
  • May is even more emotionally closed off than in the real world. Because she didn’t kill the little girl in Bahrain, that girl was sent to a school in Cambridge, MA and ended up killing a whole bunch of people. That’s how HYDRA got full clearance to exterminate Inhumans.
  • Vijay Nadeer shows up as an Inhuman working with the Resistance. Good to know that character wasn’t a one-off.
  • Fitz is known only as the Doctor and he’s merciless. He experiments on Inhumans and gladly participates in HYDRA’s work. He’s one of the top operatives, perhaps even THE top one save for…
  • AIDA, the Director of HYDRA. She’s rocking a very Madame HYDRA look and has Fitz devoted to her. The two share a kiss. The entire WonderCon audience yelled in anguish.
  • Ward is a double agent! And a hero! He’s with the Resistance, having joined because he learned Daisy had the Inhuman gene and wanted to protect her. WHAT EVEN! Daisy is as shocked as we are.
  • But Simmons isn’t surprised at all. No matter what world they’re in, Grant Ward is always a double agent. This time he just happens to be doing it for the right reasons.
  • The episode ends with Daisy visiting Coulson and begging him to remember her. They need him. After a long moment, he looks at her and says, “Daisy?”
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  1. Please, I need to know, if Jemma is really dead in the Framework, how she’s alive now? What she’s doing? She have a story arc too? Like Daisy, being with Ward. Or she’s just there to help Daisy? I can’t wait anymore!

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