The Resistance Fights “All The Madame’s Men” On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Aida seriously did her homework. Not only did she bring back Trip and Ward in the Framework, she also resurrected Bakshi. The former right-hand man to Hydra’s head evil scientist is now their news anchor stooge. “The Bakshi Report” gleefully announces the death of The Patriot, who Hydra of course brands a terrorist.

Even though Mace’s noble death looms over our heroes, things are starting to look up at last. After all, Melinda May is on their side now. Once Daisy has transformed again, it’s easy enough for the two women to shoot, kick, and blast their way out of Hydra. Daisy even quakes Aida through the building’s wall for good measure, sending Madame plummeting to the pavement.

The impact wakes Aida up in the real world. Ivanov, the “Superior” Russian dude Aida rebuilt, is there waiting for her. He just wants to slaughter the S.H.I.E.L.D. team but he can’t because, like Aida, he’s programmed to protect the agents. The loophole with this directive is if an agent threatens the Framework, they can be harmed or killed. Since Daisy and Simmons are major threats, Aida decides they must be eliminated and assigns Ivanov to find the agents’ bodies.

Aida’s body in the Framework miraculously survives and proves to be the motivation Fitz needs to a) finish Project Looking Glass, and b) hunt down May and Daisy with an extra dose of ferocity. He has Bakshi spread fear among the community and turns every citizen into a watchdog. Fitz also threatens his father, who is tasked with finding the Resistance, thereby making daddy dearest beat up Radcliffe a little more. Papa Fitz finds out about Radcliffe and Daisy’s chat through the vents but doesn’t yet know what they said.

The good news is Phil Coulson is stepping into the role he was born for. Without Mace, S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Resistance are leader-less and little by little Coulson becomes the guy to turn to. He leads the team in finding Daisy and May and even steps in front of the latter when Mack seems ready to shoot the woman who not too long ago arrested his daughter. Then he suggests the only way to save their real life selves is to save the world within the Framework.

To that end, the Resistance takes over Bakshi’s show so they can broadcast the truth about Mace’s death. Coulson is the one on camera though. He tells Bakshi’s viewers the truth about Hydra and their “alternative facts” and implores people to fight back against Hydra. With the message broadcasting, Coulson and the others leave, but Ward volunteers to stay behind to keep Hydra from breaking in and killing the feed. He knows he isn’t going back to the real world and just hopes his Skye will come back to him once Daisy is gone. But when a group begins to gather outside the TV station, it’s supporters, not Hydra. So maybe we aren’t saying goodbye to Ward just yet.

With Trip’s help, Simmons learns about “Project Looking Glass,” the uber secret machine Fitz is building per Aida’s orders. It’s basically Uncle Eli’s machine from last Fall but Aida’s version is designed to make her into a real woman. Simmons figures this out when she and Trip go to investigate the machine on Ivanov’s submarine in the Framework. It’s not there but it doesn’t matter. Simmons knows it’s there in the real world and now understands Aida’s motivation for everything she’s done. What Simmons doesn’t know is that Ivanov has found her and Daisy in the real world and is poised to blow them out of the sky.

Field Notes

  • Who else caught the headline announcing the death of “American hero” John Garrett? RIP, Bill Paxton. We miss you.
  • Coulson: “For reasons I can’t fully explain, I trust this woman [May].”
  • Daisy: “Trip? That’s the best news I’ve heard in weeks.”
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