iZombie’s EP Rob Thomas Breaks Down What You Need To Know Before This Week’s Premiere

Image courtesy of screencrush.com

It’s been one long and painful hiatus, but iZombie is almost back! The show’s producer Rob Thomas (no, the other Rob Thomas) sat down with Entertainment Weekly to get us all caught up before Liv et al crack some more heads (literally) in season three.  Thomas said there are three major plot points we need to remember:

  1. Vivian Stoll, the head of Fillmore-Graves (a pun I, myself, just got), is actually a zombie, and she has a pretty pointed question for Liv: “Someday, humans are going to come after zombies and you’ve gotta decide whose side you’re on — humans or zombies?”
  2. The entire Max Rager/Vaughn Du Clark plot line is wrapped up. Yes, he really is dead and gone (permanently)!
  3. Blaine rescued the kidnapped Peyton, while Ravi sat in the car and waited. Understandably, this doesn’t bode well for Ravi, who has just won back Peyton’s heart after she spontaneously left in season one.

According to Thomas, season three will have a whole new “shape”. Where seasons one and two had  “bad guys” season three will be much more nebulous.

“We had a clearly defined big bad character in each of the seasons. Season 1 really revolved around tracking down Blaine — who was murdering teenagers and selling their brains — and a big shootout at the end of the season. And then season 2 was built largely around … Vaughn Du Clark, the head of Max Rager, and an even bigger shootout at the end.”

Instead, it will focus on that one central question: are you on the side of humans, or the side of zombies?

iZombie returns this Tuesday at 9 PM, EST, only on The CW.