Grant Gustin On How Messed Up Future Barry Is After Losing Iris

Credit: The CW

Barry’s going (back to) the future when The Flash returns next Tuesday.

Will Savitar’s identity be revealed? God I hope so. This is dragging out too freaking much. Will the information help save Iris? Hard to save.

Buuuut we certainly do not want Barry to turn out like his future self.

In an interview with TVLine, Grant Gustin talked about future!Barry with the bag wig (not to be confused with Becky with the good hair). While this future Barry looks “pretty similar” minus the wig, his life is definitely “in shambles” following Iris’ death.

For most of the episode though, Gustin is his own scene partner.

“They were some of the more challenging scenes I’ve done — if not just this year, in the whole series, because I’m my own scene partner.”

The Barry we see, shambles and all, is “about eight years older, which in a way made it more challenging for me, because it wasn’t like, ‘This is my grizzled, older self’.”

Gustin did make one thing clear though. This is not a future that we want to see come to pass.

The Flash returns Tuesday, April 25th at 8/7c on the CW.

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Bec Heim

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