Deaths, Disruptions And Dilemma: DC’s Legends Participate In The Final Battle Of The Season

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All your favorites are dead. Or at least, one version of them is. This week marks the season finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow titled “Aruba”, which, spoiler alert, they never actually make it to. We go through deaths and departures, just to end up in a reality that is so very far from our own.

But let’s start at the beginning.

After losing the Spear of Destiny to the Legion of Doom, the Legends find themselves in a reality created by Eobard Thawne. The evil speedster managed to destroy the spear, thereby cementing this reality. There’s no possibility of undoing his actions without going against the rules of time itself.

Rip, who is stuck in a miniaturized version of the Wave Rider, manages to contact his team. Ray rightly assumes that the legion used his ATOM suit to shrink Rip and the ship, and so the team breaks into Star Labs to retrieve it. They successfully do so and restore the Wave Rider to its full size.

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France, 1916
Despite it going against everything they know about time, the Legends decide to go back to World War I and interfere with their old selves. One thing is very important: they are not allowed to come into contact with the other version of themselves, or time may collapse.

Sara, Rip and Ray head back to the battlefield to retrieve the blood of Christ before the legion or the other set of Legends can do so. Ray is able to get the blood almost too easily, before he is surprised by Eobard Thawne from the future. The speedster rips out his heart, killing him immediately. Ray is only the first Legend we will have to endure losing that night.

With Thawne destroying the blood of Christ, the Legends only have one more possibility to stop the legion: steal the Spear of Destiny from themselves. While past Mick, Nate and Rip are heading out with Tolkien, their future versions board the past Wave Rider to steal the spear.

This is where things get complicated.

The trio runs into past Sara, and Nate reunites with past Amaya, who both immediately pick up on their erratic behavior. Things get even worse when the past versions of Rip, Mick and Nate return with Tolkien. Future Sara tries to convince them that they can’t board the Wave Rider due to radiation problems, just as past Sara informs them that the people they are talking to must be imposters.

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The situation forces both sets of the team to interact with each other, as the future Legends explain why they have come back in time. It immediately causes a timequake, which, as the episode goes on, we learn is the least problematic thing that comes out of this union.

The past and future versions of Nate and Sara each have a deep discussion with themselves. Future Sara tries to convince past Sara that she is not at fault for the spear getting into the wrong hands. They also talk about whether they should have used the spear to stop Thawne, but both agree that there is too much darkness inside of them to hold such power. Future Nate tries to convince past Nate to open up to Amaya about his feelings, before it is too late.

The Wave Rider is attacked by the Legion of Doom, and as both sets of Legends try to escape the situation by time jumping, the Wave Rider spirals into a time storm before crashing. They are stuck in 1916 for the foreseeable future, which forces the heroes to fight. The future versions decide that they should sacrifice themselves, as they are time aberrations that shouldn’t even exist, while the other set tries to make it to the second Wave Rider.

In the battle that follows we see hero after hero die, from Jax, to Rip, to Nate, to Mick, who, in a sick twist of fate, is killed by his friend and partner Leonard. The only future version that survives the battle with the legion is Sara, who manages to overpower Darhk. Meanwhile, the past Sara decides to use the Spear of Destiny.

Sara is thrown into a hallucination, a preview of what her life could be like if she decided to use the spear’s powers for her own good. She is reunited with her sister Laurel for movie night. The situation is so strangely domestic that Sara immediately picks up on its artificiality. She tells Laurel that she loves her, but that she cannot use the spear for herself. Laurel understands and the two sisters say goodbye.

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Back on the battlefield Eobard takes the spear from Sara, believing himself to be successful, but the blonde had used the spear to remove its powers and call the speed force monster (or the dark version of the Flash, if you want to call it that), which destroys Eobard. It seems that the Legends have won the battle, and the war.

The Legends return the remaining members of the legion to their rightful places, erase their memory, and then get ready to move on. Amaya knows she should go back to 1942 to fulfil her destiny, but she says she wants to be with Nate, wherever they decide to go. Rip choses to leave the team behind, as he sees they don’t need him as a captain.

However, as the rest of the Legends get ready to fulfil Mick’s wish to go to Aruba, they once again find themselves in a time storm, and this time they are thrown right into Los Angeles, 2017. But this isn’t the beautiful SoCal city they might expect.

They have successfully broken time.

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With “Aruba” DC’s Legends of Tomorrow ends an incredibly exciting second season. What the show has done successfully is explore how time works and how the team can adventure through different periods in time and space while following a bigger goal. And this year, the goal is to save reality, rather than entertain a mediocre love triangle.

Where last year’s anti-climactic finale left us wondering what the hell we just watched, season two ends on a high note. The very clever cliffhanger actually makes us want to keep watching. Dinosaurs in 2017? What else did the Legends change when they disrupted time? Is this going to affect the other DCTV shows?

This season, what really stood out were the villains. Four guys that audiences were already familiar with, one sassier than the other, one more evil than the other. Malcolm Merlyn, Damien Darhk, Eobard Thawne and Leonard Snart made for an exciting quartet that we actually wouldn’t mind winning in the end. A show’s heroes are only as good as their villains, and this season of Legends proved that.

Where does that leave us for season three? Is there a way to improve the villain situation further? We’d like to see them try, that’s for sure.

When the Legends’ showrunners threatened that some characters would die, we were expecting the worst. And sure, we watched them die, but fortunately for us it was just the versions of themselves that would be erased from time either way. It was still cruel.

With Rip once again departing from the team, is Sara able to keep the group together and lead them with pride? Will there be any more departures from the team? Any new additions? We just cannot wait for season three.

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Favorite Lines:

Leonard: “Let them go, Mick.”
Mick: “I’m not listening to you anymore.”
Leonard: “Come on, is that any way to talk to your old partner?”
Mick: “I don’t have a partner. I have a team.”

Sara: “Remember, Legends never die.”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns with season three this fall on The CW.

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