Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Actors Promoted To Series Regulars

Credit: CBS

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was renewed for a third season back in January, and now fans can look forward to seeing more of Scott Michael Foster and David Hull, who were recently promoted to series regulars. The announcement was made at a For Your Consideration event on Wednesday (April 5).

Foster joined the series in season two as Nathaniel Plimpton, the new owner of Whitefeather & Associates, where Rebecca (Rachel Bloom), Darryl (Pete Gardner), and Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin) work. With Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) seemingly out of the picture, it looks like Rebecca and Nathaniel – who was introduced as your boring, privileged, rich, douchey, white guy – will definitely be hooking up in season three. They’ve already started setting the two of them up for something; Rebecca and Nathaniel have admitted being attracted to each other and Nathaniel did help get her dad to her wedding. I’m still kind of undecided about Nathaniel as a character, but I guess I’ll have season three to get used to him.

Hull plays one of Josh’s best friends, White Josh. White Josh was introduced in the second episode of season one and later that season ends up in a relationship with newly out, Darryl. I’m really excited that Hull’s been promoted to a series regular. I like his character, and it’s always really nice when actors who play LGBTQ characters have series regular status, as long as those actors actually get screen time. I’m hoping with Hull’s promotion, we’ll see more of White Josh and Darryl together in addition to White Josh having some of his own storyline.

If you need a season one or two refresher, both seasons of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are on Netflix.