Arrow Sizzle Reel Teases Final Five Episodes Of Season Five

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Everybody stay calm! The trailer for the final episodes of Arrow’s fifth season is here. And boy, are we in for a ride.

Next week everyone’s favourite superhero show returns with episode 19 “Dangerous Liaisons” in which Felicity joins Helix in a mission that goes against everything she believes in, including her own team. And so far we know this will cause a particular raft between Felicity and Oliver.

And because these two can never seem to catch a break, the following week we will be graced with episode 20 “Underneath”, the episode that Olicity fans have been waiting for. Oliver and Felicity are forced to confront their failed relationship as they are locked in the lair, while Diggle and Lyla have some marital problems of their own.

Episode 5.21 is titled “Honor Thy Fathers” and is likely the beginning of the big Oliver versus Prometheus showdown, which continues through episode 22 “Missing”.

The grand finale, of course, is titled “Lian Yu”. We know that the team will find itself on the island. But how? And Why?

The new teaser trailer does not necessarily answer all of our questions, but it does deliver. Feast your eyes on the first look at the final five Arrow episodes.

The reason Oliver finds himself on Lian Yu becomes clearer and clearer: Slade Wilson. Can he really trust his former friend and mentor turned crazy drug-induced super-soldier? It’s complicated.

We can’t help but notice that they really have gone all out and have brought back everyone we could possibly think of  for the grand finale (except one: RIP Tommy Merlyn).

The trailer teases the reunion of Black Siren, who comes face to face with Quentin Lance, which is definitely a first. It also teases that Thea is back in the game. Evelyn is still very much part of the equation as well.

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Speaking of reunions, it was already announced that Cody Runnels would return for the finale, and we already knew that Nyssa al Ghul would be looking for her sister. If you follow the League, you will find Malcolm Merlyn somewhere tagging along.

A surprising return to the final five episodes is Yao Fei, Oliver’s first confidante on Lian Yu. What a lovely way to pay homage to the first season.

And last but not least, what do we spy with our little eyes? Is that Oliver and Felicity in what looks like very non-platonic circumstances? Nonetheless, our favourite Olicity moment would be Felicity threatening Oliver “Jerkwad” Queen with a gun that’s bigger than her own head.

Well, we just can’t wait for those next five eps.

Arrow returns with new episodes Wednesday April 26 at 8/7c on The CW.

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