Arrow EP Marc Guggenheim Reveals The Two Things He’ll Never Do On The Show

Credit: The CW

When it comes to shocking twists and turns, Arrow is one of those shows that just takes the cake. From killing off fan favorites (RIP Tommy Merlyn) and bringing back countless people from the dead (Sara Lance, Malcolm Merlyn, … the list goes on and on and on), with Arrow, you never quite know what you’re in for.

However, there’s a couple of things that even Arrow won’t do. One of those things, says executive producer Marc Guggenheim, was giving Felicity Smoak her own masked hero identity. “I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I have zero intention of ever putting Felicity in a mask and costume on Arrow,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

But then, last week’s episode of DC’S Legends of Tomorrow happened, and we got to witness Miss Smoak donning a wig, mask, and leather. We also had to witness her death, but we don’t like to talk about that. However, “Doomworld” was a different reality. “We talked about a lot of different ideas, and I said, ‘Since this is an alternate reality and we’ll probably never have the opportunity to do so again, I think it would be fun if we did Felicity as a superhero’”, reports Guggenheim. “This is really the only circumstance by which we could do it.”

So, fans, enjoy that little taste of Smoaky vigilantism, because that is all we will get. Ever.

Guggenheim even goes as far as saying that it’s one of the two things he would never do on Arrow. “I can’t speak for Greg [Berlanti] or for Wendy [Mericle], but for as long as I’m involved with the show, the two things I never want to do is kill off Thea [Willa Holland] and put Felicity in a mask and a costume,” he states. “Those, to me, are two lines that I just think are a bridge too far. Thea, because we’ve taken so many family members away from Oliver, and Felicity because when you put a character like that in a costume, I think it diminishes who that character is and it makes the idea of superheroics seem silly.”

We can’t help but agree. We never want to see Thea Queen harmed, the young girl has gone through too much, and so has Oliver. We don’t want to live in a world where the Queen siblings are separated by death. It’s bad enough to see that Thea has currently distanced herself from her home and her (extended) family.

And when it comes to Felicity’s superhero antics, well, I’d like to quote myself: “We all know Miss Smoak doesn’t need a mask to matter in this world. She has long since established herself as a superhero of her own.”

Arrow returns with new episodes April 26 at 8/7CT on The CW.

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