Will You Marry Me?: Check Out Some Decent Proposals In The Season Five Finale Of The Mindy Project

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Tuesday marked the finale of season five of The Mindy Project, as well as the announcement that season six will be the last of the series. But more on that later.

The finale is called “A Decent Proposal” and it is one of the most satisfying episodes of the series to date. It has everything fans fell in love with: comedy, melodrama, and a whole lot of “wait, what?”. Before we begin, let me remind you that we left Mindy and Ben on two different pages; Mindy had just lied through her teeth about never wanting to get married, and Ben kicked himself for having already purchased an engagement ring.

Two Blushing Brides

Colette crashes the weekly staff meeting in an epic way – wearing a bubblegum pink tuxedo accompanied by the New York Gay Men’s Chorus, when she gets down on one knee and proposes to Karen. Very excited, Karen accepts the proposal and the ladies eagerly begin to plan their wedding.

Jody agrees to throw the women an engagement party, and as Colette realizes the full commitment of marriage, she gets cold feet. Reevaluating her decision doesn’t begin to cover the way Colette feels and reacts.

Throughout the episode it becomes incredibly clear that this isn’t a decision Colette thought over too well. Colette even gives into Karen’s demand that they tell Morgan to move out. Once it’s party time, shit gets real. While Karen tells/sings their love story, Colette actually slips out and bails. She casually scales an apartment building in the middle of Manhattan to ditch her own party. Totally normal.

The next morning, she finds Morgan and admits out loud that she doesn’t want to get married, at least not now and not to Karen. She begs him to move back in with her… under one condition. Morgan has to break up with Karen for her.

Road to Reconciliation

Back at Schulman & Associates, Jeremy is still making every effort to woo Anna. While Jody is busy planning the engagement party, Jeremy doesn’t get distracted. Poor Anna does her best to cope with her husband’s infidelity and the end of her marriage.

Predictably, Anna’s husband claims he has changed and he wants a chance to show her. Anna’s end game is to get the dirt bag to sign the damn divorce papers, but he refuses to do so. After he blows up her phone, he corners her in her office and basically begs for her to come “home” for drinks.

Jeremy tries his best to give Anna his unbiased, friendly (yeah, right) opinion, and encourages her to stay away from her ex and the home they shared. Of course she doesn’t listen and goes anyway, but when things blow up at the engagement party later that night, Jeremy doesn’t even say “I told you so.”

It seems that Dr. Jeremy Reed is maturing and that he has some feelings of substance for Anna. After Anna makes the decision to stay away from her ex for good, she and Jeremy attend the art exhibit he had purchased her tickets for – together. As they take in the exhibit, it looks like Anna’s heart might be softening just the slightest for Jeremy, but we will have to wait until September to know for sure.

The Land of Comic Books and Engagement Rings

Now we’re on to the main dish of the season five finale… What are Mindy and Ben up to after their “I don’t believe in marriage” talk? Well, to be honest, Ben seems devastated. He and his sweet daughter had already purchased the ring (which we find out he sold a super rare comic book to afford), and he had his heart set on proposing to Mindy soon.

With the buzz of Colette and Karen’s engagement surrounding them, the couple isn’t totally in sync, and Morgan is determined to find out why. When he learns that Ben had planned to propose, he immediately feels culpable for Mindy’s change of heart (after all, she was kind of the queen of delusional wedding fantasies).

It turns out Morgan doesn’t even have to break the news to Mindy because Ben’s daughter, Lindsay, does instead. When they spend a girls’ night together and Mindy asks Lindsay to babysit while they attend an engagement party, Lindsay is upset to hear that her father proposed without telling her. Except that he didn’t propose… Oops!

Mindy takes the information to Ben, putting her usual flair into the conversation, but still sticking to her statement that she doesn’t feel the need to be married anymore. Genuinely confused, Ben gets down on himself and starts to believe that maybe it’s not marriage she has a problem with, maybe it’s him.

Ben’s insecurities come to light when the gang tell him about how wedding-crazy Mindy usually is. Now he is certain that she just doesn’t want to marry him. Mindy tries, but she’s not entirely sure she’s convinced him, so it’s back to the big guns (Lindsay) to figure out how to fix it all.

Mindy has a very real conversation with Lindsay about her perspective between Mindy being “her dad’s girlfriend or her stepmother.” Lindsay points out that if the two marry, she and Leo can make fun of their crazy parents, and she would feel safer in the belief that Mindy isn’t going anywhere.

It is fair to say that Mindy was swayed on the “I don’t need to be married” idea when Morgan suggested it last episode. However, more and more it seems that she may genuinely feel that way. There’s no doubt that she loves Ben, Lindsay, and the family they’ve created together with her and Leo, but she also isn’t taking the decision lightly.

So what’s a girl to do? If you’re Mindy Lahiri, you get yourself dolled up, dress Lindsay and Leo in their best, go buy back the super rare comic book, and meet your man at his subway stop. Mindy has found some clarity, and while she doesn’t necessarily feel she needs to be married anymore, she wants to be married. To Ben. Now. Mindy reveals her white dress and the comic book, and it’s then that it all clicks for Ben. He doesn’t need to propose because Mindy just did it for him. The finale closes with the happy, newly blended family holding (wedding-banded) hands and enjoying a ride on the subway. In true TMP fashion, a Beyonce songs ends the season – just as Mindy peers out the window with a brooding look on her face. (Pictured below: Noooooo!)

Credit: Hulu

So what do we think? Has Ben finally put a ring on it? Will the newly married couple make it through the sixth and final season of The Mindy Project? We’ll have to wait until September to answer that question and so many more. Don’t forget – you can watch all five seasons of The Mindy Project on Hulu any time! Have a great spring and summer!

Abby Bertrand