The Flash And Supergirl Sing A Long Awaited “Duet” On This Week’s The Flash

Credit: The CW

Hey Flash fans (and Supergirl fans)!

Well we made it to the long-awaited musical episode crossover between Supergirl and The Flash. I could not be more excited to see it. I used to do the Glee recaps for the site. Since this episode is going to be one big old nostalgia trip, I’m going to resurrect my musical grading system for this episode.

Clearly, people have been waiting with bated breath for its return. You’re welcome.

Quick recap for what happened last week with Barry and co, Barry went into the Speed Force to free Wally. The Speed Force? It’s not happy with Barry. Jay Garrick took Wally’s place in the prison. Wally, who was trapped in his worst memory, is going to need time they don’t have to get over it. Jesse went after Savitar on her own and got her ass kicked. She was, however, able to expose him as a man and not a god. Jesse, however, went to Earth-3 in order to take Jay’s place as the Flash there. Barry accepted that he’s going to be the one who has to save Iris. It led to them deciding to take a break.

And that’s what you missed on Glee! I mean, The Flash.

So with that weighing on us, let’s put on a show!

Overture: We start up the episode with a young Barry and his Mom watching Singin’ in the Rain. In the present, Barry is watching the movie while Cisco tries to prod him to go out. Cisco asks him what is up with musicals lately. He’s concerned about Barry’s depression. The pair of them head to STAR Labs where a breech has opened. Out of it comes, Mon-El and J’onn with Kara’s comatose body. While Caitlin looks over Kara’s vitals, Mon-El awkwardly explains his and Kara’s relationship. J’onn and Mon-El tell Barry that the Music Meister is looking for him. They find the Meister in the Speed Lab, who has just materialized. Barry goes to handle it. HR encourages Wally to get on the horse and ride. Barry enters the Speed Lab to find the Music Meister who declares that he is here to teach him all a lesson. He’s insanely powerful. Barry’s immediately under his spell. In the dream world, Barry finds himself at the bar. Confused, he looks around to find Kara singing “Moon River”. She gets really into it and finally notices Barry.

Backstage: Kara is really relieved to see Barry and that this is actually Barry. Kara gives Barry a rundown about what happened to her. She also declares she and Mon-El are nothing. The two of them run out into the bar area. There we are given a brief rundown. Malcolm Merlyn is Carter Moran, who owns the club where they work at. Winn is Grady who is the pianist while Cisco is a busboy who wants to get on the stage. Cutter wants Kara and Barry to put on fresh number for him. The Meister appears where he gives the rundown of the episode. Barry and Kara are in a dream bought on their shared love of movie musicals. In order to come out and face him, they have to complete the story and stay alive until the end. Then they break out into song where the Meister disappears. Kara and Barry go looking for the Meister. Barry and Kara try to figure out the plot of the musical. It seems straightforward: they’re singers who work for a gangster. They are then kidnapped by gangster Professor Stein, who knocks out Barry.

Exit Stage Left: Barry wakes up in a warehouse. Kara is relieved to see him alive. Barry asks Kara about Mon-El and Kara gives him an abbreviated version about what happened. Barry gives Kara a similar abbreviated version about what happened with him and Iris. Stein tells him to shut-up. Joe West, Digsby Foss, comes into the scene and he runs this town. He wants them to help with a situation. His daughter has gone missing. Dixie wants them to poke around in Carter’s business to find Millie. They agree to find her. Cisco takes them to Apartment 4B where Millie is hiding out. He tells Barry that this is going to end well. They hear a yelp inside where they find Mon-El’s analogue and Iris’s analogue are kissing and in love. It’s…a thing. In the real world, we found out that the Meister has actually stolen Barry and Kara’s powers.

Window Dressing: Wally, Cisco and J’onn (who shows his alien side to their confusion) prepare to come and take out the Meister. Caitlin runs in to tell them that Barry and Kara’s vitals are all over the place. At the bank, the Meister taunts Wally where he leads Wally on a chase through the city. With some careful planning, Wally and J’onn are able to lands some hits on the Meister with an assist from Cisco. It knocks the Meister out. In the dream world, it turns out that Mon-El is Tommy who is Carter’s son. Their relationship is forbidden. Millie tells them that they shouldn’t tell anyone. Barry and Kara try to convince Millie and Tommy the truth about themselves. It convinces them way too easily. Millie is reunited with Digsby and Stein, who are her fathers. She tells them that she’s in love with Tommy. The fathers forbid the romance to Millie. It’s the same with Tommy and his father. Barry stands up for Millie saying that a love cannot be hidden away from the world. Kara says that secrets are there for a reason at times and that he just needs to listen to his reasons. Barry and Kara have realized that each argument is something that they need to apply in their own lives. Then the fathers start to sin. Joe thanks Barry who leaves. Martin asks Digsby what he wants to do. It’s time to go to war. Meanwhile Morn says the same thing.

Operetta: Iris and Mon-El come to visit the Meister in the Pipeline. He says that his powers put Barry and Kara in this place, but Barry and Kara can free themselves. The Meister tells Iris and Mon-El that if they love Barry and Kara enough then they have the power to free them. The pair of them were not happy about seeing Iris and Mon-El with each other. The two of them prepare to finish the musical. Winn comes in for a rehearsal time and they sing a song off the top of their head. Immediately, they reaffirm their friendship by singing about being each other’s super friends. There’s a gang war in the middle of the street. They are both shot which sends them both into convulsions in reality. Iris and Mon-El get Cisco to vibe them into the dream. Barry and Kara tell Mon-El and Iris that they love each other. Then the power of true love’s kiss free them both. Because of course it does. Meister comes in with a round of applause. Cisco demands to know how got out of the cell. The Meister declares that the lesson was learned. Love is about letting yourself be saved. The Meister goes off to teach someone else a lesson. Is he another fifth dimensional imp? Or who knows maybe this is just who Darren Criss is in real life.

Curtain Call: Barry and Kara tell the story of what they saw in the dream world. Kara and Mon-El are happy again. Although Kara will literally drop a mountain on Mon-El if he lies to her again. Mon-El, J’onn and Kara head back to her Earth. Barry comes back to the apartment where he sings to Iris. I think this may have be the most romantic thing he has done. During the song, he takes out the ring and re-proposes to Iris. Iris, in tears, agrees.


“Moon River” sung by Kara Danvers: I’m a fan of Melissa Benoist’s singing voice. I just think that it’s very lovely, sweet, and clear. She definitely seems more at home singing this kind of song then say “Wrecking Ball”. It was understated but immediately sucked you into the world. It just looked like an old school solo kind of number. It just proves that sometimes the simplest is usually the best. A

“Put A Little Love In Your Heart” sung by Malcolm, Winn, Cisco, and Meister: Ah the big number! I definitely like the layering of the voices coming in with the song growing stronger as time passed. The dance was definitely a lot of fun to watch. I do think that this song could have been a little more energetic, but it was a fun watch. B+ 

“More I Cannot Wish You” sung by Joe, Martin, and Malcolm: This is a really sweet moment of paternal affection. It is IMMEDIATELY made bullshit by what follows this song. It just seemed really out of place within the episode as a whole. It’s shame since these are all talented performers. It just felt…weird. It’s still good though. B- 

“Super Friend” sung by Barry and Kara: THIS WAS THE CUTEST FUCKING THING THAT I HAVE EVER SAW! Thank you, Rachel Bloom! A+++++++ 

“Runnin’ Home To You” sung by Barry: Goddamn Grant Gustin you made me cry! This was just an utterly sweet way to end the episode and reaffirm Barry and Iris. A

Bec Heim