The 100 Could Have Really Used Some Shelter On Last Week’s Episode

Credit: CW

Rain Dance: Well I guess the acid rain is here folks – because rain is falling in this week’s episode and everyone’s skin is burning off. The alarms go off in Arkadia and everyone is running into the wrecked Alpha station. Taking their clothes off immediately once they get cover, they then proceed to splash themselves with water. I am not complaining. Meanwhile, Octavia realizes that Ilian is following her and she is pissed. He says he is doing it because he owes her, but the two do not have a lot of time to get into it because the acid rain begins falling down on their end of the woods too. She gives Ilian a hand and the two ride off to shelter.

Hero Complex: Once things have begun to settle down in Alpha station, Kane gets a call from Mark – some dude trapped at Factory Station under an overhang – Bellamy immediately suits up because Mark’s son was one of the 100 and they are his responsibility. Bellamy runs back out into the black rain covered in a former Mount Weather suit, but it doesn’t hold up. He is immediately forced to take shelter in the rover, as Kane pleads with him to abandon the mission. Bellamy continues his mission to Factory Station but the rain causes the rover to slide and get stuck. Bellamy is still determined to save them, but Kane attempts to make him see reason: “If you go into that storm, three people die instead of two.” Bellamy eventually gives up, but not without expressing his helplessness at the situation. He tells Mark he can’t get to them, and the line goes dead – as do they. Kane tells Bellamy you can’t save everyone, along with “Your mother would be proud of the man you’ve become. I know I am.” Bellamy’s sick burn? “You floated my mother.” – WOMP!

The Cave: Back at the cave, Octavia decides she hates herself so much that she runs out into the acid rain. Ilian stops her and attempts to convince her that her pain will end. She tells him she feels nothing, while Ilian feels guilt. Ilian tells her the person she was before is still in there, but Octavia is not convinced. After Ilian manages to pin Octavia down, she starts crying and kisses him. He pulls back, but Octavia tells him, “Just make me feel something else.” And the entire thing is weird, but I’m not mad.

Human Dilemma: Abby realizes that they are going to have to do human testing in order to survive. They would use Luna’s blood marrow and transfer it to someone and see how it withstands radiation. Clarke believes they have to do what they have to do. Abby refuses to be a murderer. Emori overhears this conversation and freaks out immediately. She convinces Murphy that she will be the one tested on – but Murphy isn’t so sure. Clarke does get a moment to shower and learn that Murphy is actually a good cook, but the domesticity doesn’t last long. Emori then proceeds to get attacked in the kitchen, but Murphy and Clarke rescue her. She claims this grounder is the one who did things to her in the past. Roan then takes the grounder to Abby and decides that he will be the one used for testing.

Murphy comments that Emori can kill the man later if he survives testing, Emori says she has no reason to kill him. He’s just a man going in the oven in her place. WOAH. DARK.

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