The 100 Brings About Some Old Ethical Dilemmas On “We Will Rise”

Credit: EW

Welcome to recapper-is-behind-on-life problems, so you lucky folks get a double dose of The 100.

This week’s episode focused on Raven’s aneurisms, exploding hydrazine, and Octavia drawing some serious Pike parallels.

BOOM: Pissed off that Ilian blew up Alpha Station the Arkadians break into his cell and beat the crap out of him. Kane prevents his death, and this leads to Ilian being taken to Med Bay, where Niylah is tending to Octavia’s wounds. Ilian tells O that he is glad she is alive, but she warns him that his time is limited. The crowd of angry Arkadians eventually break into Med Bay, with the help of Octavia, and they drag him outside. Octavia then proceeds to hold a gun to his head, but is stopped when Kane compares Octavia to Pike. This causes Octavia to breakdown and run into the woods, where Ilian is then allowed to follow.

BOOM Potential: Octavia, Bellamy, and Roan are on a transport adventure. They need to get the barrels of hydrazine to Raven in order for her and Abby to make nightblood. The problem? Becca’s base isn’t close. The group runs into their first problem when they find a bunch of Trikru blocking their path. The Trikru child sees Roan and immediately sounds the alarm – attacking commences. Problem two happens thanks to global warming and ice melt: the stream has appeared where there was once a place to cross. Bellamy and Roan scout ahead only for Clarke and the hydrazine to go missing. Turns out Roan’s men betrayed them. An epic chase scene commences and Bellamy and Roan are able to save Clarke and the hydrazine. Well, except one barrel…womp…womp.

Crash & Burn: Back at Becca’s lab Raven continues to fail numerous simulations. Murphy, acting as her guard, continues to be Murphy causing Raven to lash out. Luna steps in and calms the situation. Eventually the trio are able to put their brains together and figure out a way to make the simulation work – it involves Raven manually flying the ship. Their celebration doesn’t last long though because the group find out about the missing barrel, which leads to Raven seizing on the ground foam going everywhere.

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