See If Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater Holds True In This Week’s Episode Of The Mindy Project

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Life has gone back to normal for Dr. Mindy Lahiri and her crew… or, at least as normal as this group gets. With Ben’s ex-wife moving back to town, we know that the crazy train is right around the bend, and we can’t wait. So… what’s in store for this group of weirdos? Let’s find out.

Cheater, Cheater

Cheating is definitely the theme of the episode and first comes into play when Dr. Anna brings her husband, Tim, to the office for introductions. Tamra is quite surprised to meet him, seeing as she saw him “grinding up on some hoe” at the club the previous night. Later on, while Morgan is home sick battling Zika, Tamra records that tiny piece of information and accidentally posts it online for everyone to see. Lucky for Anna, “HuffPost Divorce” reposted it within seconds.

As Anna searches for somewhere to stay – she doesn’t dare go back to the brownstone she shares with Tim – she pays a visit to Jeremy, where the two get cozy on the couch and share a little smooch. Jeremy, no longer a suave ladies’ man, isn’t into it and pushes her away. Anna’s off again to find a friend to lean on, which is how she ends up at Morgan’s door. Morgan, still gravely ill, does little more than sneeze on her and pass out. Poor Anna, what’s a girl to do?

On the other side of the spectrum, Mindy and Jody are struggling to find their way back to friendship after the rough end to their short-lived relationship. Jody isn’t quite over it all, but work comes first and he agrees to go to their next presentation.

The two are en route to a “Later, Baby” presentation on a college campus in Maine, and Mindy is quite unsettled by the fact that Ben’s ex-wife Patricia is staying with him in his home. After some light social media stalking, Mindy finds that she just can’t leave the two alone unsupervised. They went mini golfing – how dare they! As soon as Patricia laughs in the video about Ben cheating (at mini golf), Mindy loses it.

Sorry, Not Sorry

While Jody is basically passed out drunk, Mindy turns the car right around and heads to Ben’s house in New Jersey. Upon arriving, Mindy interrupts what looks like it would be a cozy dinner between Ben and Patricia. Mindy, being Mindy, crashes and picks a fight with Patricia at every turn. Don’t think this is entirely Mindy’s fault, though, because it is game on for Patricia, as well, even going so far as to insult Mindy as a mother. The women duke it out as best they can without causing an actual fistfight.

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After several tense hours, Ben seems to defend “Trish” instead of Mindy (bad move, man!), saying she is always going to be in his life and that Mindy needs to let it be. However, Mindy Lahiri has never once let anything “just be.” Naturally, she storms out and goes home, completely bailing on the presentation in Maine. Mindy is often unreasonable, but I have to defend her this time, because Ben was acting like kind of a dick. Who allows his ex-wife to stay with him and then ships his daughter off to a slumber party?! Ben, that’s who. We are sure it also does not help that Ben’s past of having cheated on Patricia is constantly on Mindy’s brain.

Anyway, as Mindy retreats into herself back at her apartment, Jody stops by with McDonald’s to make her feel better. Despite all the crap they’ve been through, it is time to bury the hatchet, and they do just that. Jody finally (maybe) forgives Mindy for the shitshow she put him through, and Mindy agrees to stop tormenting him.

Silver Lining?

We aren’t sure if it’s possible in real life, but on The Mindy Project, even infidelity can have a sort-of silver lining. After finding Anna sleeping in her office, Mindy sits down to have a real talk with her colleague. The ladies seem to find some common ground, and Mindy offers to share her place with Anna while the blonde searches for a new apartment. We are all cautiously optimistic that this could turn into an actual friendship.

In addition to her budding friendship with Anna, Mindy acts like an adult in her last interaction with Ben, too. When he texts his apology, informing Mindy that he sent Patricia to a hotel, it would have been easy for Mindy to brush it off and berate him with some silly comment. She had that message typed out, actually, but she deleted it and accepted Ben’s apology. Hooray for growth!

There is no telling how long Mindy Lahiri’s newfound maturity will last, but we are going to eat up every bit of it! It pains me to have to defend Mindy throughout one of her crazy spells (i.e. skipping Maine to go back to Jersey), but Ben was definitely not at his best here. A little payback, perhaps? I guess only time will tell how the rest of this situation, and Patricia’s presence in general, will work for the couple.

One last note: Honorable mention for this week goes to the killer red dress Mindy wears at the end of the episode (pictured at the top). That dress is AMAZING.

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