Red Nose Day Could Help Your Dream to Have Tea With the Queen Come True

Credit: Netflix

Did you ever dream about having tea with the British Queen? No one can blame you if you did and you’re probably not the only one, as only very few people were actually able to make this dream come true. And let’s be real, these people are pretty much unreal if they got as far as having tea with Queen Elizabeth.

However, you could be one of these people too very soon and make your dream of drinking tea with the Queen (and her sister Princess Margaret) come true!

Well, you can drink tea with Claire Foy, who portrays Queen Elizabeth II in Netflix’s The Crown, and that is already close enough.

As part of this year’s Comic Relief Red Nose Day, you can win (and eventually enjoy) an afternoon tea party with Claire Foy and Vanessa Kirby, who is playing the Queen’s sister on the show by merely donating five pounds. In addition, you also get to visit the set of season two of The Crown and get a first inside look into what is going to happen.

The donation starts at five pounds, which will give you one ticket in the prize draw and it really isn’t a lot, given that something so great can come out of it and it is for a good cause after all! There are other options as well, as you can decide between just entering with one ticket (£5), three tickets (£15), and five tickets (£25).

If you want to participate and donate for a good cause, go to givergy and select your preferred option. With some luck, you could be having tea with queen Claire and Vanessa Kirby soon!

The auction closes on Sunday, March 26 at 6pm (GMT), so you still have a few days left to donate to a good cause and possibly win big.

Anna Hattingen