Oliver Enlists The Help Of The Bratva To Take Down Prometheus In Arrow’s “Disbanded”

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Team Arrow is over. At least that’s what Oliver said at the end of last week’s episode of Arrow. Now it’s time to see how Star City can function without its band of heroes. In “Disbanded”, Oliver also brings the Bratva into town, in hopes of getting the upper hand against Adrian Chase.

After being tortured by Adrian and revealing that he only started his crusade so he could keep killing, Oliver decides to dismantle the team. It’s over. For good. He tells his team as much, but they refuse to follow his orders and begrudgingly continue to operate alone.  Particularly Diggle and Felicity are shocked to see the man-in-charge so distraught and promise to help with Prometheus, however they can – which turn out to be two very different methods.

Felicity decides to go after Chase with the help of Helix. Her new hacker community helps her find footage of Adrian removing his mask, but he used a technical device to pixelate his face. In order to crack the device, they have to get their hands at the scrambler, and Felicity is occupied with finding a way to get close to Chase. Diggle, on the other hand, believes that Oliver needs the teams help to get rid of Chase, and that together they can kill him.

Oliver himself thinks the best way to end Chase is by involving a third party. After breaking things off with Susan (which we have all seen coming the day this whole thing started), he seeks out Anatoly. He asks him to come to Star City and kill Adrian. In return, Oliver is asked to provide the Bratva with a diabetes drug that they can use to create and sell a highly addictive narcotic for a high profit.

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When the remaining members of Team Arrow (or is it Team Spartan, now?) get a notification for the break in, they intercept the Bratva, much to Anatoly’s dismay. Diggle confronts Oliver about the Bratva presence in the city, who in return tells him to stand down and let the crusade rest. Too many people have suffered due to his mission.  They clash over and over again. Oliver finally reveals the truth that Adrian made him see: he enjoyed killing, and the crusade was built on lies.

Diggle turns to the team. They all agree that they need to intervene with the Bratva. They hack into Adrian’s schedule and follow him on his way home. They clash with Anatoly’s men, who were about to take Adrian out. The team’s interference enables Adrian to escape safely, and Oliver even throws a punch at Diggle for interrupting his plan. Eventually, his brother in arms gets through to Oliver.

After catching a glimpse of Felicity’s conversation with Helix, Curtis tries to get closer to Adrian during the attack and manages to get his hands on the optic scrambler that Felicity needed. He surprises her with the piece at the Helix HQ, and immediately gets sucked into her plan to use Kord Industries tech to decrypt it. The two tech-gurus head to the Kord Industries building and are able to break in with almost too little effort. They crack the alarm system and the cctv, knock out a security guard and get access to the necessary tech.

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Simultaneously, the rest of the team now join Oliver in his mission to get the Bratva, the one that he summoned, to leave his city again. They head towards the location of the diabetes drug and try to prevent the Bratva from taking them. But Anatoly has another ace up his sleeve: he has taken hostages. Oliver can only choose to save one – the human beings, or the pills. Together, the team is able to both bring the hostages to safety and stop the Bratva. Nonetheless, Oliver has burned yet another bridge by messing with Anatoly’s business. No more favors from the Brotherhood.

Reuniting at the foundry, the team is officially back in business. Felicity and Curtis are able to remove the pixilation on the footage they have of Adrian in the Prometheus suit and they decide to take it to the SCPD. Adrian, who had been in protective custody, is able to shake his police details – by brutally killing them – and escapes. But he is officially outed as Prometheus. How long is he able to hide?

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In this episode, Oliver makes a lot of bad decisions that he immediately regrets. Sounds like a regular Wednesday. He decides to disband his team, but in the end realizes that without their support, physical and mental, he is lost. He decides to call the Bratva for help, an organization he has witnessed making the one or the other immoral deal. It does make you wonder whether Oliver would even still be alive if it weren’t for Diggle and Felicity saving his ass week after week.

Once again Josh Segarra steals the spotlight. And this episode barely even features who could easily become our favorite big bad Adrian Chase. But those few scenes he is in, he shines. Whether he taunts Oliver with his schizophrenic antics or stabs a pen through a police officer’s eye – Adrian’s natural devilishness is everything we want in a good villain.

While it was an entertaining episode, it felt a little stagnant. In “Disbanded” the crusade is over, but not really, the Bratva is ready to kill Chase, but not really, Oliver is giving up the hood, but not really. It feels like too many possibilities are teased, just to be reversed barely half an hour later. We hope that next week’s episode can spice things up even more. After all, we are merely a couple of weeks away from the big finale!

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Favorite Lines:

Oliver: “Chase showed me the truth about myself. You signed on for a crusade that turned out to be an outlet. It was an excuse for me to murder people. I put on a hood, and I created a persona, because, John, somewhere along the way, something in me broke. Something is sick inside of me. The crusade, all of this, the foundation of it is a lie. So I disbanded the team because I won’t sit by and watch all of you participate in my murder spree. I am beyond redemption.”

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