Of Battles and Betrayal: The Legends Of Tomorrow Head To World War One

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Hooray! Last week DC’s Legends of Tomorrow were able to apprehend the final piece of the spear of destiny. But what comes next? In episode “The Fellowship of the Spear”, the Legends team up with a famous author, and learn the hard way not to trust their own.

France, 1916
Somehow the Legends find themselves in Europe during the first World War. It’s not exactly the place to be. They are in the middle of a rough battle when they actually contemplate using the Spear of Destiny. What?

72 Hours Earlier
Thankfully, we flashback in time three days in order to catch up on the plot. The team gets back together to discuss their next mission: getting the remaining pieces of the spear currently with the Legion of Doom. Rip says that he knows where Thawne is hiding them, namely the ominous Vanishing Point.

Last season, Leonard Snart sacrificed his own life to save the team. He is prominently on everyone’s mind when they return to the place where time and space doesn’t exist. It’s almost too easy for the Legends to get access to the pieces of the spear and they return to the Wave Rider successfully.

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Back on the ship, the spear assembles itself and now shines in its full indestructible glory. Rip warns that the spear will try to seduce the Legends to use it. It is safest to try and find a way to destroy it. The Legends find an engraving on the spear, that suggests it can only be destroyed by the blood of Christ.

Nate tells the team about an unpublished essay he once read about a man in the early 20th century in the North of France who claims to have had access to Jesus’ blood. Turns out the writer of that essay was J.R.R. Tolkien, author of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Could this episode get any more bizarre?

This turn in events explains why the Legends end up in the middle of the first World War. They are looking for Lieutenant Tolkien among the injured, when Mick suddenly sees his old friend Leonard again. He chalks it up to hallucinations. Right until the man punches him in the face.

Nate and Rip are able to convince Tolkien to trust them and together they look for the grave that’s supposed to hold the blood of Christ. Together the men, accompanied by Ray and a still confused Mick, go on a hunt for the blood. They are interrupted when Leonard Snart, alive and well, makes his entrance, alongside the Legion of Doom. He is real, and he is being oh so bad.

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The Legion was able to interfere with Snart’s life before he joined the Legends and died for them. The man was more than ready to accompany Damien on his trip to reclaim the spear. The Legion’s army attacks, and the Legends retreat. Snart’s reappearance causes a rift between Mick and the team, who think he will return to the side of his former partner.

While the team discusses how to proceed, Amaya claims she is able to control the spear of destiny. She wants to rewrite history to erase the Legion of Doom once and for all. Mick supports her, but the other Legends disagree.

The Legends interfere in the war and enforce a cease fire, which allows them to look for the blood. Unsurprisingly Damien Darhk and Snart are already waiting for them, and they request the spear. Mick ultimately turns his back ON the Legend. He takes the spear to disappear with Snart and Darhk. Once a bad guy, always a bad guy. In battle, the blood of Christ is destroyed, and with it the chance to destroy the spear.

The Spear of Destiny is now in the hands of evil.

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This week’s episode went from a bizarre but interesting frame story arc, to a shocking and heart breaking betrayal. We may have thought that Mick had found his place within the team. He was semi-friendly with Ray, he confided in Amaya, and he trusted Sara’s judgement. But his loyalty to Leonard and the grief and regret over his own past were ultimately enough to turn him against his friends. We have a hard time believing that Mick hasn’t changed at all. We are sure that once the opportunity presents, he will do right by his team.

We also saw another side of Amaya this week. Ever since she learned about her family’s destiny, she was torn between doing what’s best and doing what’s right. Apart from Mick she was the one team member who was most tempted to use the spear for her personal gain. It was almost delightful to see someone as morally upstanding as Amaya struggle with such an evil temptation.

Now that Snart has returned, and Mick has joined the dark side, will we see the world burn?

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Favorite Lines

Mick: “What’s the spear saying to you?”

Amaya: “It’s not the spear. It’s my mother. Her voice, at least. She’s begging me to help our people, to keep our family and our legacy safe. She wants me to change my destiny. Maybe the spear can do that for her, the chance to rewrite reality. Who wouldn’t be tempted? What do you hear?”

Mick: “My parents.”

Amaya: “What are they saying?”

Mick: “’Don’t play with fire, Mick.’”

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