Nothing Is As It Seems When DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Explore A New Reality In “Doomworld”

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Reality has been rewritten. What would the world look like, if the bad guys had sole control over it? This week’s episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow explores exactly that, with surprising result. Welcome to “Doomworld”.

Star City, 2017
In the opening sequence, we join Sara and Amaya as they chase a masked vigilante through a dark abandoned building. They have trouble keeping up with the tech-savvy hero. They are only able to take her down through team-work, and, quite frankly, playing dirty. The hero’s hood is drawn to reveal it’s none other than Felicity Smoak.

Sara and Amaya take her to the mayor’s office, where Damien Darhk now reigns. He tells Sara to kill Felicity and he adds her mask to the glass case holding the masks of those fallen. Among them we see the Flash, the Green Arrow, Dinah’s Black Canary and even Spartan. Felicity was the last woman standing, and even she succumbed to Darhk’s power.

It’s a different world, indeed.

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Central City, 2017
In Central City, Eobard has taken over STAR Labs and has become the “smartest man alive”. He gets a surprise visit by Malcolm, who wants him to give up the Spear of Destiny. Eobard claims Malcolm has everything he wants, his wife and son are alive and well. He has a close relationship with Thea and Nyssa al Ghul’s presence from his life has been removed. Malcolm wants more.

Mick and Snart have taken over the city and have reached celebrity status. Even the police wouldn’t dare to touch them. Mick is bored by the easy lifestyle. He misses the chase and the thrill of being real thieves.

Meanwhile, the Legends are used as personal play toys by the Legion of Doom. Sara and Amaya are stuck killing their friends for Damien, Jax and Martin are working as engineers on Eobard’s projects, and Ray is a janitor.

It is Nate that attracts the Legion’s attention by storming into STAR Labs and asking Eobard (who was on a phone call with the equally evil President of the United States) for help with “scars” that he has found in his memory. He has evidence that reality has changed and a feeling that something in this world is wrong. Thawne asks to have him killed.

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Mick, who has been filled with doubts over his previous actions, decides to take the chance and turns on Snart and the Legion. He takes Nate to see Ray, who, despite his occupation, has still used his brain to develop technology that could help the Legends to find their way out. Mick uses a gun that can undo rewritten memories, called a Transreality Multiplexer, on Nate and Ray. They remember everything that happened before reality was rewritten.

When Sara and Amaya eventually come after them, they restore Sara’s memory, but Amaya escapes. Sara returns to Damien’s side in hopes of infiltrating the Legion. After being taunted with her sister’s death, she attacks him. Sara is able to restore Amaya’s and eventually Jax’s memory. The Legends all hide in Nate’s mother’s basement to form a plan. One thing is clear, while he helped them now, they cannot trust Mick again.

The Legion has decided to overthrow Eobard’s power, and the trio of snark (Leonard, Malcolm and Damien) are looking for ways to kill the speedster. Mick returns to the Legion after the Legends reject him and tells them that. Eobard on the other hand, works towards destroying the Spear with the help of a power generator created by Stein, so that his reality cannot be changed.

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At STAR Labs, all three teams collide and battle for the dominance of the Spear. Each team is in the possession of the powerful artifact for a second, but ultimately the spear falls to Mick’s feet. It is now his decision, who he will turn to: his team, that he betrayed before and that no longer trusts him, or his life-long friend and partner, that treats him like an accessory.

Mick ultimately throws the spear to Amaya, the only remaining member of the Legends that believes in him, that has always believed in him. The moment Amaya tries to undo the changes made to reality, Leonard uses his cold gun on her and freezes her before she breaks into pieces.

With the shock of Amaya’s death still lingering, Eobard is able to swoop in and throw the spear into the power generator and destroy it. The Legends, as well as the Legion are now caught in Eobard’s reality forever. Their only hope now is time travel. The Legends may be able to interfere with time if they can find Rip (who we’ve seen baking and debating his destiny this week) and the Wave Rider. But it’s a dangerous game, they could also cause time to collapse altogether.

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“Doomworld” holds a lot of highlights, from the Felicity Smoak cameo, over Mick’s big decision to Amaya’s demise. We might need a moment to recover from everything that we’ve seen, particularly the Legends’ version of The Great British Bake Off, featuring solely Rip Hunter.

Let’s start from the beginning. The opening scene was what many fans had been waiting for ever since Arrow’s EP Marc Guggenheim revealed that everyone’s favorite tech-qhiz would be donning a super hero costume including a mask in this week’s episode. Her cameo was cut short when she was killed. It was disappointingly short, and appropriately dramatic. Now that is something we would like to be able to un-see. In no universe should Felicity Smoak be harmed.

Mick has been put through the wringer this past year. He lost Leonard, questioned his status with the legends more than once, caught something akin to feelings for Amaya and now had to watch the only person who believed in him die. Lesser men would have been broken by all that. We hope that Mick can someday find happiness.

Speaking of Amaya, is she truly gone for good? We’d like to think that the Legends can find a way to bring her back. When it comes to cast additions this season, she has been the most interesting one, without a doubt. Not just because of her dynamic with Mick, but also because of her general badassery. Please, bring her back.

We cannot help but love the Legion of Doom. If you bring the most interesting villains and anti-heroes that the Arrowverse has to offer together, you will be graced with greatness. The dynamics between Malcolm and Damien have always been the highlight of the Legion, and adding Leonard Snart to the team was a brilliant decision. These three are the type of bad guy that doesn’t necessarily need a reason to wreak havoc. They don’t need an underlying motive for their evil, they just want to see the world burn. That combination results in pure entertainment for everyone watching at home.

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Favorite Lines:

Felicity: “Star City is my home, and I will never stop fighting.”

Mick: “No getaway? No chase?”
Leonard: “You want a chase, I can arrange a chase. Even get us tossed in Iron Heights, and we can plan an escape just like old times. How does that sound?”
Mick: “Boring.”

Eobard: “Even if you survive my men, you’ll never survive me, not without powers or weapons. And the truth is, I don’t want to see any more of you dead. Not out of sentiment, of course. No, no, quite the opposite. But because it is so delicious, knowing that you’ll be forced to live your lives in a reality that I… well, that we created. You will walk this world knowing that something isn’t quite right, that for all your trying you only made things worse, and no one will ever believe you when you tell them about all the sacrifices you made and how close you came to being Legends. Now, that sounds like a fitting punishment to me.’

Catch DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Tuesdays at 9/8 ct on The CW.

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